Long path tool for efficient usage of computer

Data will be stored in computer in various files. The file creation and naming conventions are dependent on the operating system. You can certainly make the most from your computer if you can organize the information in a systematic way. The files that are stored in your computer should be accessible at any point of time. Sometimes, you will copy files from other storage systems and gadgets such as pen drives, tablets and smart phones. You should be able to able to access the files and file paths without any difficulty so that you can make the most from your computer.

Long path tool advantages

There are a number of advantages with the long path tool. The Long path tool can access files which you cannot access through windows explorer or FAR. It can list out all the long files and file paths as soon as the application is opened. You can download the software from the web and it can be installed in few seconds. All the files whose filename lengths are beyond 200 characters will be listed through the interface. As such, you can perform any file related operation without any difficulty. There will not be any embarrassing situations while using files and folders.

What kind of errors can be resolved?

By using the long path tool, you can resolve various file and folder related issues. ‘File not found’, ‘incorrect path’, ‘invalid filename’, ‘error copying file or folder’, ‘source or destination file is in use’ and ‘access is denied’ are some of the typical error messages that are quite common in most of the computers. You can install the long path tool on various computers with operating system ranging from Windows 95 to Windows 8. It is possible to resolve various file and folder related issues through the long path tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6