Long Path Tool for the File Pathname Too Long Error- A View towards the Pros and Cons

Long Path Tool is an excellent solution for solving almost any error message related to the file names having too long path name. As a basic policy, Windows does not allow its users to modify or delete the files with long path name. In such cases, users must have to use the third party tools for modifying or deleting files with a long pathname. The Long path tool is a similar sort of software designed professionally to deal with any kind of error message linked to file pathname too long. A review of the pros as well as cons of Long Path Tool will be demonstrated here.

All the good things should be stored for the last and this is why we are looking at the cons at first. In terms of cons, there is none at all as far as dealing with the file names with long path names is concerned. However, it may take a look at refining the user interface. It would really be great, if the highly skilled developers of Long Path Tool could add a simpler version for the non-tech users. The version may contain two or three buttons just for browsing the folders and for managing the files with too long path names. Nonetheless, the user interface of this particular is pretty simple and easy to use as well. Still, there is no limit to the betterments, is there any?

Let us look at the pros and the advantages of using the long path tool. While looking at the features of the long path tool version 5.1.6, it has been found out that it is highly compatible with almost all of the available platforms. It can work perfectly in the Windows, Mac or Linux. In addition to deleting, copying or renaming the long path files or folders, it is also capable of bulk renaming of the files with too long path names.

This highly proficient software is capable of listing files as well as paths up to 32,000 characters. In accession, it has been featured with fast scanning of the system for the long path files. Furthermore, the software allows the user to copy more than one file at a time. In addition to that, the software has been designed in such manner that it can find and delete files from the network mapped folders. It is proficiently capable of deleting the system log files. In addition to all of these, this highly efficient & professionally built tool can copy files to the One Drive as well as Dropbox. To manage files or folders with long path name bypassing the operating system swiftly, smoothly and accurately, there cannot be any alternative to long path tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6