Long Path Tool favorable features

Long Path tool is the only solution for removing the error messages which appears on the computer screen while doing some important task. Any other Windows operating system cannot delete, copy or rename the files and folders apart from Long Path Tool which has multiple benefits. It can be examined on a large scale and works swiftly.

Errors can be immediately deleted and fixed at the instance. It does not take any malware and is highly secured. Once the files are deleted they can be possessed again from the recycle bin.  Long Path Tool can handle various operating systems with different hardware. Discarded files can be blocked anytime or vice versa. All the important and necessary features to operate the process of deleting, renaming or copying the files are available with this Tool. Files and Folders can be obliterated with the help one scroll mouse click.

 Steps to use the tool LPT:

LPT can be installed and used in below steps:

1) As soon as you enter the home page please log in or make an account.

2) After clicking the next option, you need to run the tool.

3) Select the files, folders, subfolders which you want to delete.

4) Select the option of Read-only to the files you want to delete.

5) Click the appropriate selected files and folders you want to delete or copy and then select properties and security. Then you have to follow these groups.

Full control, Read and execute, List folder contents, Read and write, special permissions.


Long Path tool is reachable online. The trial version can be tested once the tool has been downloaded on your computer. After few seconds the program gets started. You need to verify the compatibility of the tool with Windows. The designated task is effectively performed and the tool is compatible with oldest windows operating system. It is a user-friendly device which determines the errors effectively through its features. Information about the latest events is available through the mail.

The resolution of LPT:

Copying, deleting or renaming task was difficult to perform in the earlier days. An interruption was caused by the activity being performed or in between the operation. To remove such errors and to avoid interruption in the task Long Path Tool was created.

It is a different file management concept which unlocks the blocked files. Files can be read from the source and renamed with the help of this tool Files can also be easily deleted which are difficult to delete for example blocked files.

LPT application:

Long Path tool is an application which performs the task of deleting the blocked or unwanted files which are not really helpful. It also gives you the specific reason behind such files. It is a unique tool with its own features and computer-based application.

Long Path Tool favorable features:

1) The basic and important advantage of this tool is that you do not need to be expertise to know this application. It is easy to delete the files at the instance.

2) It is handy and readily available online. Often the program and operations get executed swiftly.

3) Desired results can be achieved with its user-friendly feature. Many times it works with the obsolete version of windows so users do not need to upgrade their operating system for this application. It can also work best with the latest version of operating system.

4) No hardware or software tools are required to execute it appropriately. Error message gets deleted at the instance once selected with this tool.

5) Windows manager helps the task of renaming more difficult. With the help of Long Path tool, this problem gets easily resolved.

6) Accessing the files and sorting out the important and non-important files becomes easier with this Tool.

7) Rebooting helps the system to select the files and delete it.

8) Unfortunately, Windows operating system does not have any feature of deleting the unwanted files so Long Path Tool is the only application which helps delete the cookies and files of the operating system and make it help work faster.

9) Rectifying the errors and helping the system work more effectively can be done with the help of LPT.

Fixing of errors:

Long Path Tool help fixes the error with one mouse click and the result is available at the drop of the hat. Without any hindrance, the work of deleting the files gets executed. The network mapped folders can also be deleted. The capacity of the words or characters which can be fixed is 200.

An Error like access is denied, error 1320, or errors which are not readable can be smoothly processed and deleted.

Windows always give you an error message that the path is too long or the length of the path is long. These types of errors can also be fixed with the help of the only application which is Long Path Tool.

The file name should be limited to a size of 260 characters or else the error about the length gets flashed out. Long Path Tool is assigned to fix such errors.

Older Windows and newer version Windows have certain drawbacks with names of the files and folders and with the length of the name. Long Path tool supports to delete or remove such limitations.

1) The long path error.

The long path error appears on the screen as soon as the length of a file is exceeded. It can also happen because of up gradation of the software while extracting the folders etc. Long Path Tool has been created to remove such errors effectively.

2) The Error “The file cannot be deleted “or “Cannot delete the file “

Such errors often come or flash out while performing the task or in between some operations. There is no particular reason behind such errors so Long Path Tool is the only solution to remove the errors.

3) The Error gets flashes while copying the folder.

This error message often gets flashed out with the Windows XP users. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users do not get this message.

4) An Error pops out “File cannot be accessed”

An MS office user often gets this type of error while accessing the file. LPT helps deal with this type of error.

5) The Error “Cannot remove the folder

Many times folder cannot be removed easily. In this scenario, this type of error appears on the screen.

6) The error “The file is already in use”.

Sometimes the computer might not work properly or may contain some malware. In such conditions the error “File is already in use” appears. Long Path tool removes such malware and helps the system work more appropriately.

7) The error “Path deep”.

You do not know the exact reason behind such errors but these errors can be deleted with the resolute features of Long Path Tool.

You need to download the latest version of Long Path Tool application online and subscribe to it. This application is useful and can be easily operated by everyone.

Long Path tool helps fix the mentioned below errors:

The Error 1320, correcting the Winrar error and character, Sharing malware, virus or violation, Laptop, and drive can also be removed.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6