Long Path Tool – Eliminate the File Name Error and the Frustration

Long Path Tool – Eliminate the File Name Error and the Frustration

Long Path Tool, an impressive piece of software made to eliminate several of the complications that may cause hindrance in file management. The tool has been developed to ensure such problems are effectively addressed. Thanks to this tool many users are able enjoy smoother computer operations without having to break their heads on different file errors.

While working on our PC/ laptop we come across situations where we are not able to open a file, save it or copy it. For a busy computer user the major irritant is seeing messages such as ‘Error cannot delete file, the source or destination file may be in use, cannot move folder etc but not anymore. This is where the Long Path Tool comes to the rescue. It can handle issues which Windows Explorer/ FAR cannot when it comes to pathnames of more than 255 characters.  The Long Path Tool can handle pathnames up to 32,000 characters – the internal Windows limit.

It’s appropriate for most operating systems and is trouble-free to make use of. With this file management tool the time you spend on your personal computer is a lot less frustrating. The long path tool executes its tasks to utmost perfection as it does not leave any traces of unrequited files and folders. This is due to the presence of a well- built search engine that makes the software able to detect these long path files. Therefore, this application is able to delete and unblock all long path and blocked files in a computer irrespective of their location in the storage system of a computer.  However, it does not remove them permanently from the computer but instead it stores them temporarily in the recycle bin where the user can restore them if needed. In this way the chance of losing important files from your computer is reduced.

The installation and running of the long path tool is one that really marvels many. Unlike other software that must be pre-installed in a computer, the long path tool must not necessarily be installed in a computer. Its portability factor allows it to run even when it’s saved on a USB disk. The software can be downloaded online. It can be run on any system whether it is Windows NT, Windows 2000 or XP or Vista and even Windows 7. Using this is quite simple. To access the Long Path Tool, a shortcut icon will be created on your desktop once it is downloaded. Whenever you need to manage files with long filename, the help is just a click away. The tools will open a window which has all the files listed. In this window you can modify, rename, delete, copy, paste, move and open the files without any issues. Using this application makes accessing files and folders easy and instantaneous because of the simple interface which can be used by anyone. You need not be a computer whiz nor do you need any distinctive specifications to utilize this wonderful tool.

The software is one that has been developed with the needs of the user in mind. This is due to the fact that it is coded in many languages so as to make it easy for use by individuals from the various diverse language backgrounds. Since the arrival of this application it has really been commended by people who have used it. This is because of its great reputation and effective execution of the required tasks. The fame has been as a result of its great ability to make computer operations less frantic. Its functioning potential to remove unwanted viruses and errors has also gained it the title of ‘clean master’ by its users.

The evolution of Long Path Tool is considered as quite a handy application. This software program can be defined as a consolidation of comprehensive steps and features flaunting a simple and easy interface.
Hence, it can be concluded that Long Path Tool is a consistent application that can solve tricky issues of computer system within a few seconds and that too without any extra efforts and most importantly, it is very reasonable and easy to download. It improves the overall system of the machine making it faster and smoother. It can be easily used by beginners and is totally comprehensible. You can now finally say goodbye to errors and make computer operations easier to deal with as this amazing application is just a download away.

To better judge its reputation, simply search for its reviews on the internet. They are the words coming from people who have practically used it. They have fathomed its importance in solving those frustrating errors that make file management an immensely frustrating task, and so will you. Try out the software for yourself and name your files with as long as 355 characters, right now.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6