Long Path Tool – Effectively Dealing with “Path Too Long” and other Errors

There is absolutely no doubt about the huge difference technology makes in our lives and yes, computing power may be advancing to the point where mobility is preferred, but there is still plenty of room for the good old desktop PC, or the laptop/notebook at least.

For every PC-in-a-pocket that exists (Smartphone or tablet PC), with all its power, there are an equal number of traditional desktop PCs and laptops or notebooks. Certain tasks are just much better on the full-sized PC screen and that goes way beyond the full experience of additional features when wasting time on social networks.

That is the very reason offices and study rooms, the world over, resemble something much like a call-center agency, with the room populated with cubicles that host full-sized PCs.

The Price of Technology and all the Computing Power

The ability to streamline work processes and even entertainment processes, in some instances, with the use of computing power does come at a price though. Users can often find themselves frustrated with their machines and want nothing more than to bash their monitors in with a sledgehammer.

As tempting as that may be, due to the many gremlins causing seemingly frivolous errors, such as the path name being too long for a certain file or document of importance to be manipulated in the required manner, if one takes a moment to compose themselves and poke around the various information realms a little, it will very soon come to light that there are solutions available.

What is with that “File too long message and 255 characters” anyway?

With specific regards to the “file path too long error message”, which may manifest in one or more of many guises, including an invalid or exceedingly long specified file, a simple “cannot complete operation” message, a copying error or a indeed a file which is apparently in use by another program, there are naturally some traditional methods of troubleshooting such inconveniences. These traditional troubleshooting methods may be effective, but only to a certain extent and they generally tamper with the operational health of your system.

Firing up the good old task manager and manually ending the process which is supposedly using the file you want to copy, use, move or delete, comes with the considerable risk of system instability and any related process could cause some serious, permanent damage.

What if there was a tool — a long path tool that could kick into gear and quell those annoying errors associated with file paths being too long?

There is..  Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is nifty little utility, which does exactly what the name suggests — deals with long path errors and associated errors. A very quick and easy download-and-install operation will have you right back where you started, taking technology for granted again since you never have to worry about those annoying little long path errors again.

How does it Work?

Long Path Tool works seamlessly in an interfaced environment that is not heavy at all on the processing resources and memory, launched as easily as a click on the desktop icon.

From the Long Path Tool interface, you can very easily manage all the re-naming, sorting, copying etc. tasks that would otherwise present themselves in a nightmarish situation, which would lead to subsequent errors while trying to manually rename and move files — files which are causing problems. Convenience and efficiency are the order of the day and you’ll very soon find yourself forgetting all about the time when you found yourself frustrated with error messages such as those of file paths being too long.

Long Path Tool Relevance

With the organizational freedom end-users are afforded today, which is a trend that is echoed even in file sharing and storage spheres like peer-to-peer and server mirroring, dealing with issues such as errors caused by file path names that are too long is very much a part of the daily grind. That all-important software application or collection of documents, you downloaded from a file sharing server, becomes useless if you can’t access it due to a seemingly frivolous but very real “file path name too long” error.

In this way, Long Path Tool become central to many operations and it is simply a tool one has to have. Sooner or later, you will run into one or more of these problems, many of which are very hard and cumbersome to try and solve manually and all of which can be effortlessly handled by Long Path Tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6