Long Path Tool- Easy solution for file errors

Long Path Tool- Easy solution for file errors

While technology has made many things easier for us like storage of data, segregation of data, transfer or data, coding of data, classification etc. and the list can go on filling up sheets. However, like anything else, even this has its own positives and negative points attached to it. Some of the common problems faced by the users are unable to locate the file under the stored name, or unable to name the file or it could be the path where you wish to store the file or locate the file is too large and last but not the least unable to delete a file from the recycling bin. Would you not be frustrated if you face any such error and when these error notifications appear at a time when it is really important to locate or delete or rename a file.

Now the question that comes to the mind of almost every second user, who is facing the problem or not, if there is a solution to all these an many more errors and the answer has come in the form of Long Path tool. The tool is one stop solution for all your file error related problems. Long path tool developers claim to solve almost every problem related to files in your computer, PC or laptop.

What is Long path tool?

The Long path tool is a software developed to correct the errors related to file names, managing directories, etc. It is a set of coding that breaks the link between the command and the error giving the file or folder. Thus giving access to the users to correct, rename, save or delete the target file and or folder.

Once the software is downloaded for use, it keep breaking the error links by locating the problem creating path and thus clearing the error at the same time.

Where to use?

Most of the cases where Long path tool can be used is to get rid of those infected folders which does not allow the users to store the file. Few of the most common errors that Long path tool can help to resolve are-

  • 0x80010135 path too long
  • 80/1 error
  • Unable to read the file from source code
  • Sharing violation, you have been removed from sharing
  • Unable to save or delete the file as it is already in use
  • The destination path for the file is too long, cannot save the document
  • The disk is full or write protected
  • Winrar error, unable to locate destination file / folder

These are just a few examples of the errors that the user might be facing, the Long Path tool helps the users to permanently get rid of these errors and stop them from reappearing in the future.

How to use

The Long Path tool has been developed to be user friendly, i.e. you are not required to be a technical expert to use the tool. The software could be downloaded directly from the official website of Long Path tool which is www.longpathtool.com.

Once the tool is downloaded, create an easy access icon on the desktop of your device where the software is downloaded. Each time you have a long file name error, just click on the icon, it would open the problem or error giving folder or directory. Complete the requisite action that is rename the file, save the file, delete the file using the tool. Thus, your problem is resolved and the infected folder/ file / directory is also removed from your device.

System & Tool Requirements

The tool can be used on any of the operating systems or window versions that includes Window -95, 98, 2000, 2003, Vista, XP, NT, ME, Windows 7, Windows 8. The tool could also be used on windows servers like-

  • Windows server 2000
  • Windows server 2003
  • Windows server 2008

The tool is created on the simple platform, thus could access the files and folders on your device easily. Nothing like a long or complicated coding is used in the software to keep it easy for use. Most of the available software in the market is either too complex to be used by a normal person or require a high level of technical skills or need specific system requirements to be installed or accessed, making them unpopular amongst the users.


The The Long Path tool is not only helpful in clearing off unnecessary file errors, but also comes with additional features that has made it famous and successful in comparison to its market competitors.

  • Regular updates even for free trial versions of the software
  • Live support in case of any queries
  • E-mail support and newsletters from the company informing about the changes and tips to maintain the files in your device.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6