Long path tool download

Long path tool is the answer to all the issues that are related with files. You will be able to locate files present in your computer and various networks in an effortless manner. There are a number of file related errors which happen due to the 255 character limit that is imposed by most of the operating systems. The specially designed software, long path tool will let you perform operations on files without difficulty as it can retrieve various files whose length is up to 32000 characters. In order to make the most from the software, you can go through the ‘long path tool download’ link.

Long path tool download can be accomplished in few seconds. It can be installed on your computer very easily. For handy operation, you can create an icon on the desktop so that the software can be accessed at any point of time. The file that you were unable to retrieve through Windows Explorer and FAR can be accessed through ‘long path tool’. The interface is very simple. All the files will be listed so that you can carry out various operations like rename, delete and copy in an effortless manner.  You will not lose your time as you can accomplish various difficult tasks in a simple way.

The software can be installed on any Windows based computer starting from Windows 95. The tool can unlock files and it will list files that are hidden as well. The operation can be performed without any difficulty even if the file is in the opened state. The application in which the file is opened will be closed and the required operation will be performed on a single file or set of files. You can go for frequent updates as well so that all future issues will also be covered through the long path tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6