Long path tool – best tool to resolve long path issues

There are a number of issues associated with the usage of files that contain long file names. It will be annoying very much to deal with such situations. If you had stored key information and if such files are to be opened at any cost, the frustration will be more. The Long path tool is the best solution for various filename related issues. The software can effectively resolve all kinds of issues and it will put a smile on your face.

What long path tool can do for you?

The Long path tool can handle various kinds of errors related to long filenames. Your computer can handle files when filenames are less than 255 characters. You might have come across a situation where your computer will be unable to perform a file related activity. Some of the real-time scenarios are ‘path too long’, ‘cannot delete file: access denied’, ‘there has been a sharing violation’, ‘the source or destination file may be in use’, ‘error copying file or folder’, ‘the path you entered is too long. Enter a short path’. The Long path tool can effectively resolve these issues.

How to install long path tool?

The Long path tool can be downloaded from the website, http://Long path tool.com The software is compatible with all Windows versions. It is the best file management utility available in the market. You can download, install and verify its benefits instantly. You can take advantage of the trail version. After installing the software, you can create a shortcut on the desktop for easy access. As you open the tool, you will be able to find all files and folders present in your computer. You can perform whatever operation you want on files and folders.


There are a number of benefits with the long path tool. As you can access all kinds of files and folders from the long path tool, you can perform the required operations on the files. You will be able to rename, move, copy and delete a file as per your requirement. You can perform operations that were filed by Windows Explorer or FAR. The Long path tool can handle files of any filename length. In fact, there is an internal limit with windows which is 32,000 characters. Hence, you will be able to deal with files of any length in an effortless manner. It is quite easy to use the software. It is not only meant for power users but also ordinary users will be greatly benefited with the long path tool.

Who can use?

With the usage computers and the internet, the creation and exchange of data have increased a lot. You will download files of your choice from the web. If you come across files that you cannot open or modify properties, you will lose your time. If you are working in an environment where a number of customers are dependent on you, you should find a solution at the earliest. By deploying the long path tool, you will not waste your time. You will never face an embarrassing situation and you will be able to deliver the goods in an efficient manner. Thus, long path tool is suggested for not only individuals but also for businesses.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6