Long path tool as file management utility tool

Needless to say, the long path tool is the best file management utility tool available in the market. It is capable of performing versatile functions such as deleting or unlocking, copying or renaming path too long files or folders which cannot be solved by using internet explorer. It can solve all the problems related to the files having a long file name. It is the program to look forward to if there are error messages appearing on the screen stating the path too long or too long path. It is extremely efficient in managing all such issues and can be used in all the operating systems including earlier versions of windows 95.

What it does?

When there are error messages appearing on the screen such as unable to read from the source file, sharing violation, cannot delete file/folder, invalid file name specified, source or destination file/folder in use then the long path tool program comes into the picture. It addresses all these problems by resolving them. The program has been specifically developed to manage all these problems by eliminating them. It provides a sleek interface to work on. It has got the capacity to handle pathnames up to the limit of 32,000 characters.

How to use?

The long path tool program due to its utility is extremely popular and can be easily downloaded online by saving all the settings on the computer. By creation of an icon for this program on the desktop one can manage all the files which have a long path name by just clicking on it. This would automatically direct to a window that would present all the files. All the files g=here can be moved, renamed, deleted and opened without the worry of error messages appearing. It is a convenient program which is dimple to understand and use. No special supporting system needs to be set up to run this program on the computer. It can be easily downloaded and run without any hassles.

It is a good example of how systematic and efficient program it is to manage all the problems pertaining to file management. One need not be technically sound to use this software as it is very simple. To add to its versatility the free downloadable version has made it very popular in the market and is highly recommended. The Long path tool is a permanent solution to file management. It has also got free updates and free support even for its trial version. All these combination of factors makes it an excellent tool to install and use in a computer. It makes the life of the user much easier. It can save a lot of time by simplifying the entire process of file handling and management. It can manage large files downloaded from the web thereby managing the files as well as error messages in a convenient way. There is no doubt, in the user’s mind that this program is the best file management tool available in the market scoring way above any other tool known.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6