Long Path Tool and the benefits it showers

The emergence of long path tool is viewed as a very handy application. This software program is an amalgamation of comprehensive features and steps which flaunts an easy and simple interface. The programs functions for copying, pasting and deleting the locked folders and files. There are some errors which occur when the folder and the file name goes beyond the length of two hundred and fifty five characters. This is the time when the internal support becomes decisive. The Long path Tool consecrates the Operating system with its assistance. The field size of 320000 is elevated by the software. The system can be then restrained from all types of length problems.

The other functions of Long path Tool

There are some situations where error messages can be viewed and Long Path Tool becomes extremely useful. The error messages are – “Cannot delete folder”, “The specified file name is too long”, “Cannot read from the source disk”, etc. Other errors associated with file managing can also be encountered by the users in their computers. The development of the Long Path Tool was done to eliminate all these file managing issues and provide the users with a glistening interface on which they can work. Error messages such as long file name, filename too long will never be haunting the users again. This wonderful software is capable of handling pathnames to the limit of thirty two thousand characters. This software program can be downloaded online.

The features of Long Path Tool

The concept is extremely easy for using and hence the users will not face any difficulty in using this software program. The Long Path Tool is compact and very small and has been designed for providing simple interface and solid number of options. This software program incorporates a rapid speed for the scanning of long path folders and files. There are absolutely no requirements of special systems. Long Path Tool can function on any of the versions of Windows such as Vista, 2000, Windows 7, XP, etc. This software program functions on renaming, copying and deleting long path files. The software also has the ability of deleting locked files. It can also delete files from the network folders that are mapped. This software works for listing the paths and files which includes file path that is more than two hundred characters long. Applications are also closed by this software which makes use of the files. The other two important features of this software program are unloading the process of locking and deletion after the process of reboot.

Advantages of Long Path Tool

There are several benefits of Long Path Tool. The tool is capable of deleting files which the system has locked. The tool is useful for removing, copying, renaming and deleting long filenames. The tool also closes the applications which are using the long files. Moreover, this tool is extremely easy for handling and it can be handles by anyone as it has a very simple interface. The tool is fast in all its executions and so it will give the users, peace of mind when they work on managing the files. The tool is also capable of listing all the files of the users in the simple interface from where the users will be executing commands on their files without being scared of long file name for the errors of destination folders. No special configuration systems are required by the Long Path Tool for its installation. The Long Path Tool is extremely compact.


Since a very long time, many instances have been viewed where users are acquainted with issues in managing the files that are very long. During those instances, they require an efficient and systematic file managing tool. The users need not worry anymore as they can now get complete aid from the Long Path Tool software program, which will resolve all the issues associated with file managing. The tool is capable of taking care of all types of error messages. Files are also unlocked by this software program which is by chance locked by the processes of other systems. The program also scans the drives of the users for the long path files which go beyond two hundred and fifty five characters and even more. The users can also use the demo trial version and also the software provides them with free support and free updates. The users can also receive the updates from email and as well gets the news regarding the recent applications which will help the users in managing their files. The process of downloading Long Path Tool is extremely easy and can be very fast installed in the computer. The users can now forget about the errors of long filename with the Long Path Tool. The tool simplifies the management of files and is an extremely efficient software program.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6