Long Path Tool – An Introduction

Everyone uses computer one way or the other, either for business purpose or for fun purposes. There always come a time for everyone that they get sick of certain files which may well be a virus or a file which may be a sub file of some other main file. But taking the deletion option, renaming it or relocating might become troublesome since the “file name too long” message may pops up on the screen of your laptop. What does one do in this situation? For a person who is not into such techy stuff, he may find himself in an awkward and unresolvable situation.

Long Path Tool is effective in such scenarios. Such tool enables the renaming, relocating and unlocking the files in a much easier way. Windows operating system generally allow use of 255 characters to be used as a file name, Long Path tool has been designed to cater for such scenarios and provide help at the user end. There can be different messages other than the one mentioned above. The messages may be path too long, long path name, destination path being too long, etc. Long Path Tool can work effectively in respect of such cases and is able to perform effectively till Windows 95 platform.

The affectivity of the long path tool may also be witnessed in case of messages like reading from file source failed, file name specified is too long, messages relating to sharing violation of files, error in deletion of a file or a folder, etc. the long path tool has been developed with a vision to eliminate and manage such files in an efficient manner so as to help the user to get rid of such fallacies and maintain his system in a befitting manner. Such tools that can help an individual manage such problems will certainly be popular at the user end.

The presence of Long Path Tool will help you get rid of such miseries that used to haunt you once you were using your desktops. With a sleek interface and easy to use options, long path tool has an upper hand over its adversaries with respect to its various features and aesthetics. It is very easy to install with a bare minimum requirement of your computer’s memory. The best of all these features is that it can handle a minimum of 32000 characters in the file name, which is really impressive.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6