Long Path Tool – An Introduction

Long Path Tool

We face different problems while managing our files. Sometimes, we have an error ‘files cannot be deleted’ when we try to delete a file. Sometimes while renaming or unlocking the files ‘path too long’ error appears. The long path tool is efficient software that has been developed specifically for addressing these file managing issues. It is a very useful tool for eliminating these files managing errors efficiently.

Long Path Tool – An Introduction

The amazing Long Path Tool can amazingly solve the various errors like path too long or file name too long error that we face while copying, renaming or deleting our files. The software can end all these problems instantly automatically. The above mentioned common errors usually occur when we try to delete, modify, rename, or edit a file with a name 255 characters long.

If you also come across different errors, i.e. destination path too long, too long path, cannot delete the files, too long path, try this most efficient file managing software. Another distinctive positive feature of the software is that it is compatible with almost every type of operating system.

Some Other Features of Long Path Tool

The program can also resolve many other issues, i.e. cannot read from source file, cannot delete folder, file name invalid, and file name too long. Thus, if you want to get rid of all these kinds of managing errors, you ought to try this useful program. The tool really works in a great way to eliminate all these kinds of managing problems. With this tool, you will permanently get rid of many error including Error 1320, too long path etc. This tool is indeed a wonderful tool. The program has 32, 000 characters internal limit for handling pathname errors.

How to Use Long Path Tool For Managing the Files?

You are required to download the software. The long path tool is compatible with a number of operating systems, i.e. Windows NT, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2012, Windows 95 and 98 OS, XP, Vista, Windows 7. For quick access to the software, you ought to create a desktop icon of the software. Whenever you face the errors mentioned above, just launch the program. You will automatically be directed to a new window in which all your files will be presented. Here, you can easily copy, edit, unlock, and rename the specific files without encountering any type of annoying long path error. The software is very fast and easy to understand.

Final Words

The long path tool is a very efficient file managing system and can better solve the file managing errors. Other features of the program include free support, free updates, and a free trial version. It is very simple to download and install the program. The tool is available to download free and you are not required to be a technical expert for using the tool. The program helps us in file management by efficiently solving the file managing errors. Thus, download the software right now online to take benefit of its amazing features and save your precious time.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6