Long path tool – An immediate solution to a common problem

Many a time, when we work with our laptops or desktops, we come across a common error! We will face issues where a file cannot be opened, saved or amended. Busy computer users will definitely be irritated by simple error messages like “Error cannot delete file or folder”, “The source or destination file may be in use” or “Cannot move file or folder”. This is when Long Path Tool becomes handy. The program is capable of handling issues imposed by the Windows Explorer or FAR when it fails to manage file path names that are more than 256 characters. The proficient tool tackles the scenario by increasing the internal path length to 32000 characters. The internal change devours users a permanent solution.

Using the Long path tool

The Long path tool can also be run when the system pops out error messages while unlocking or renaming a file. The tools support by simplifying or reducing the file name. Long filenames will be trimmed down into reasonable ones. The amazing application can be run on any operating system without any hassles or tussles. The program does tackle a wide range of system issues. It can be used to address the following situations too:

  • Sharing Violations
  • Inability to read from source file or disk
  • Unable to delete a particular file or folder
  • Invalid file name due to length of characters

Smooth computing

The tool is extremely efficient. It has the ability to tackle the foremost problems in a time effective manner. The Long path tool is used by a large number of users. It has allowed them to enjoy and experience smooth computer operations. The most useful program helps users to run tasks without any breaks. Additionally, Long path tool is easy to acquire! It can be obtained from the internet. You can download the software and save it your system, for immediate usage!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6