Long Path Tool advantages

Long Path Tool is a small application which aim is to help you with file management and problems’ solving. As the name suggests, it can deal with long paths, and also works with long filenames and folder names. Unlike many other programs it is quite easy to use: no special requirements or change in settings needed. The program was designed to serve everybody regardless of skills and experience. Even beginners can effectively use all features of the Tool.

Destination Path Too Long and other error messages

The reason why you keep getting error messages is in Microsoft regulations. It doesn’t allow you to have filenames longer than 255 characters on purpose: such files make system run slow and can cause bugs. What Microsoft Company did not foresee is where long files come from. They could be created by viruses or adware, and you definitely don’t want to have it on your computer.  Or it can be a file you need in the long list of subfolders. So, Windows show you error messages when you try to copy, delete or do any other operations with these files. The problem affects all Windows versions including the oldes1t ones. Besides, with older versions it is even more serious: they cannot see long filenames at all unless you install a special driver.

The list of error messages consists of:

  • The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder. You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path
  • The specified file or folder name is too long. The URL path for all files and folders must be 260 characters or less (and no more than 128 characters for any single file or folder name in the URL). Please type a shorter file or folder name
  • Destination Path Too Long
  • 0x80010135 Path too long
  • Winrar 260 character limit fix
  • Total path and filename length must not exceed 260 characters
  • File Name could not be found. Check the spelling of the filename, and verify that the file location is correct
  • Path too long
  • Cannot delete file or folder
  • The file name you specified is not valid or too long. Specify a different file name

Windows doesn’t provide any support regarding long paths errors and manuals on the Internet are long and complicated. The problem can’t be solved without additional programs or special commands on the command line that hard to make even for experienced users. Interfering in system settings can lead to incorrect work of Windows.

Programs that offer help with the situation are either very expensive or complicated. To fulfill the need of Windows users Long Path Tool was developed.2

Long Path Tool can manage your files and folders without any problems. All files with names up to 32,000 long can be moved, copied, and deleted there. It is easy to start working with it: download this program online and install. Its interface is user-friendly and list of functions is much longer than in any other program. Long Path Tool is a magical wand that can do what Windows OS fails to do. Besides, it accomplishes all tasks very quickly, has no bugs and works on all Windows versions, even on Windows 95. Don’t let annoying error messages bother you: with Long Path Tool you’ll have access to all your files and folders. It also has 2 versions: trial one and premium one. Regardless of your choice, you’ll receive all updates and support for free.

Compatible Windows versions

It doesn’t matter if you use the newest Windows versions or Windows 95, Long Path Tool will work without bugs, errors and long loadings. To start using it just go to the official site http://longpathtool.com/ and click download. It won’t take more than 30 seconds, and then extract the files from the folder. Installation process is also very quick and then Long Path Tool is ready to serve you. If you create a desktop icon it will be just a click away and you can launch it in no time at all. You’ll see a new window with well-structured list of files and can navigate to the one you need. Or you can drag and drop files and the Tool will do everything else automatically. It is quite convenient when you have a long list of subfolders and folders. From now on you can copy, rename, delete and do many other operations with all your files.

The full list of Windows versions that Long Path Tool can handle is quite long and includes: Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Me. It has better functionality that Windows file manager and can easily replace it.


Long Path Tool differs from many other file management programs. Its numerous advantages make it a must for Windows users. If you’re still not sure, here is the short list of benefits:

  • Using only several buttons at the bottom of the window you can do all operations you need. The program is very simple and has user friendly interface
  • Every process is proceeding very quickly; all folders and files can be found in a second
  • High performance quality: no bugs or errors will bother you. Besides, it is safe to use and does no damage to your system
  • Of you use a slow machine or an old version of Windows Long Path Tool will work on it smoothly. No special requirements, restrictions or programs needed: the Tool is very basic and all you need is Windows OS
  • When deleting files is impossible because of multiple errors just navigate to them using the Tool and delete in one click
  • Copying and renaming is impossible with Windows file managers, but with Long Path Tool you can do it easily
  • It can solve one of the biggest problems with files: when they are locked by Explorer. If you have errors like There has been a sharing violation or The file is in use by another program or user then you need to kill the process that keep programs open. The easiest way is to use long Path Tool
  • Schedule when you want your files to be deleted. For example, it can be done after reboot

These are only key benefits that can help you fighting errors. If you’re not sure about it, you can download a trial version of the Tool and after using it for a while upgrade to a Premium version. Whether version you prefer to use you have free support and updates. We also add new features to Long Path Tool and you can receive all information via email. Just register it at the official site.

If you have any problems, suggestions or questions don’t hesitate to ask at Support@LongPathTool.com.

So, go on and get a copy for yourself. It is unique software that combined functionality with quickness and simplicity.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6