Long Path Tool: Accessing the Data Beyond

Along your way towards virtual file organization, you may encounter an obstacle, an error prompt flashed across your computer screen: “Path too long”. This obstacle will prevent you from accessing your important documents. You may not be able to delete, unlock, copy or rename your files. Why does it happen? What to do? The possible cause of this error is that the file name is too long; and the solution, a handy software – the Long Path Tool.

Pathname Error

The filename or the pathname, for example: C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\O, is a sequence of symbols and names that identifies a file and indicates its location in your system. Starting from the root directory indicated by the symbol ‘\’, the destination of a particular file can be traced through each subdirectory it passes until it reaches its destination; in this case, the ‘O’ folder. The maximum number of characters for a path name that your system can probably read is only 255 characters. Beyond that and errors such as : “Too long path”; “Cannot delete file or folder”; “Cannot read from service file or disk”; “The file name you specified is not valid or too long”; and many other similar errors will block you from accessing your files. If you love to keep neat and orderly file managing systems, organizing files into folders, then to sub-folders within the folder, then to further sub-folders within those sub-folders, and so on; you most probably experienced this dilemma.

Mmany programs like Google Drive or Dropbox, or Sky Drive and Windows Explorer by Microsoft still limit the path name to 255 characters. Any file that exceeds that gets ignored. It basically means you cannot unlock, copy, rename or delete files that have long pathways. So how do we remedy?

Best Solution: Long Path Tool

The Long Path Tool simplifies the task of resolving the issue of too long path name errors. It basically eliminates the problem effectively and efficiently. It can handle up to 32,000 path name characters. Meaning you don’t have to worry about creating too many sub-folders inside your sub-folders. This software will replace Windows Explorer, Far Manager and other similar file management tools. It has an easy and simple to understand user interface. Anybody will be able to use it with no need for special system requirements to set-up. The Long Path Tool is compatible with any operating system (OS), from the newest such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, to even the earliest Windows 95 version.

The Long Path Tool simplifies path names that are considered too long by conventional systems. It deletes blocked or long path files. It is able to show what programs are causing the file to be locked; to unlock the said file; and to close the culprit programs. It is very unique from other similar tools because any accidental deletion will not directly lead to total loss of data. The deleted file is moved to the recycle bin, not totally deleted immediately.

Installation of this software is as easy as: 1.) downloading it online; 2.) saving it to your computer; 3.) making a desktop shortcut for easy access; 4.) and clicking the desktop icon to open the program. This will then open a window that shows all your files where you can rename, open, delete and move your files; making file management a breeze and keeping your files neat and organized.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6