Long path tool- a solution to all your long path file management problems

“Filename too long”, “path too long”, “cannot delete”, “copy failed” Is any of the above errors troubling you? No worries, Long path tool will get your errors solved. Once you install the software you won’t have any of the file management errors on your system. The app gives you freedom to delete, rename, move, copy or unlock any file of any size and file name. The long path errors are commonly the most annoying errors that an user encounters while using the system. Even after windows OS have developed through various versions these errors remain unsolved.

To solve this scenario Long Path tool was developed. Now the app has been used by thousands of users on their systems. They are relieved from the erroneous messages that they were daily seeing on their systems.

The software more than just eliminating the errors helps the user to quick perform the file management tasks. The app provides a user friendly interface through which files on the system can be easily accessed and handled. The sleek interface of the app takes a small portion of the screen and leaves the other tasks visible on the background. The function of the application also extends to solving the errors in reading the disk errors and removing the adware and malwares which restrict the access of files. No matter what the error is the app takes care of it by itself. You don’t need to be specific about the tweaks. Just specify your file management task and you get it done.

To download the application, click www.LongPathTool.com. The app is both available as free trial version and full version. Regular updates on both the versions are also provided. The app is compatible with any version of the Windows operating system, even the oldest ones.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6