Long Path Tool- A software to solve error problems

Long Path Tool- A software to solve error problems

In these later days all the companies both big and small use computers for managing documents, files and almost all the activity of the company. Beside the fact that a computer provides fastness and accuracy on managing most of jobs the budget of the company knows obvious economy by eating much less paper than before having a computer network.

But there is a slightly minus in having computers, the space of the hard drive can be easily overloaded. This fact affects the performance of the computers. This is why the space should be checked and cleaned regularly. If the users do not do that especially when it is about the computers connected by a network the operating systems will fail to provide proper functions. And no manager needs his company’s activity to be slowed down by this tiny aspect. Managers should form conscientious users which should get use to clean their computers as they clean themselves every day. This way the companies won’t need to hire IT specialist to do what simple users should normally do.

But there are situations when users are not able to delete or move or just copy files or documents from a single or multiple computers. The operating system sends popup windows whit messages like “There has been an error. Try again” or “Cannot delete the document. The file is still in use”. The only thing that users will be able to do when these kind of errors occur is to close the pop up window and try to do what the message told them to do. Windows will not allow to the users to apply their action when this messages are sent. These messages appear when the 32.000 limit of characters that Windows is set to has been overcome.

No need for calling an IT specialist. No need to try to find a manual solution for these types of messages. Starting from the 95 version of Windows up to the 2012 Windows Server version there is a software which can be downloaded from the Internet and which can fast and easy solve these problems.

Long Path Tool, developed by Windows, is a tool which is able to allow to users to move, delete or just rename the files which have names too long or paths too long.  Download, install, open it, find the file from the computer or the computers you have in your company and apply the action you need. This is all.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6