Long Path Tool- A reliable File Management software

While working on the computer, you may find very irritating when you try to move, open or delete a file, and you get an error, blocking from manipulating the file. There are so many errors that you may get while working on your computer concerning your files and folders. Some of the errors that you may get include, filename is not valid, error copying file or folder, path too long, cannot remove the folder and so many. When it comes to errors related to files, it may be caused by the name or the destination where the file has been saved. Getting its error might bring you to an instant end while working on your computer, but with a reliable and professional software, Long Path Tool, you are assured of easy and simple file management and manipulation.  Long Path Tool is a very great and ideal software that is specifically made for giving out solution when it comes to filing and folder management.

Very small and lightweight, this tool is very simple to use and does not require much when you need to use it. So now you do not have to face problems concerning renaming, managing, unlocking and removing files that appear to have very long filenames. This usually affects files that have characters of more than 255. The software is programmed and designed to work on any Operating System from as early as Windows 95. The tool is very useful and can do plenty of operations. It can also be used in many situation, not particularly one concerning long character names on your file. If you get errors such as cannot read form source disk or cannot delete folder of a file, then you can also use this amazing software to manipulate the files or folders.

To be able to get the Long Path Tool, you just need to download it from an online source. The software is compatible with any Windows Operating System, so you do not need to worry about compatibility. Once you have the Long Path Tool on your computer or laptop, all you have to do is run it. It works by simply accessing your files and folders. The user interface of the software is very simple and also easy to use. With so much easiness and beneficial features, the Long Path Tool is highly recommended for most if not all file folder problems.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6