There are a lot to know about this great pc tool, it basically manages your files well, it gives you access to your files that cannot be easily accessible. They are basic things to know about this pc program ;

• The long path tool is a kind of pc program that assists you easily in tackling issues with long name files that have problems in managing, renaming and unlocking them. As pc users, we encounter files with long names consisting of about 255 characters and files like this makes it hard for you to manage, like renaming and unlocking them, this tool helps in solving problems like this.

• It unlocks files that are locked by other system processes. Some files are locked and completely inaccessible due to them being locked by other system processes, but with this tool of can unlock files with that issue.

• The long path tool also assist pc users, in solving file issues like destination path too long, path too long, cannot delete file, cannot read source from disk, sharing violation, invalid file name., file may be in use. We experience problems like this once in a while when working with our pc, but this tool helps in solving issues like this.

• Managing your files on your pc, is very important, as it makes your system files organised and accessible for you to use, but people at times find it hard to do, but with this tool, it makes it easier for you to manage your files, with any form of stress.

• The program has a user friendly interface, for easy use and accessibility, after installing the application on your system, you can quickly access using a shortcut, and the interface is easy to understand and use irrespective of your computer experience.

• This program is available for download online, and is compatible with Windows operating system, it works on versions like the windows 95, windows 98, windows NT, windows 2000, windows 2003, windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, with does server 2003, windows server 2003, windows server 2008, windows server 2012.

• There are usually updates for this program, so as to get improvements with the program, when its being used by users. The updates usually come from time to time. You subscribe to the program channel to get updates, also news about the app are sent regularly to your mail.

This program is vital for pc users encountering problems mentioned above, so as to manage their files well enough. It’s a must program to download when managing your files as it gives out the best user experience.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6