Long Path Tool- A Boon

In our today’s world, humans are touching great heights of development. In this era of technology and the Internet, computers have become the man’s best friend. We can’t imagine a world without computers as almost every industry today runs with the help of computers. And when it comes to computers, Windows deserves to be the first name on the lips. Windows brought computers to the household with their path-breaking operating systems and since then, the Windows operating system has never looked back. It has always seen new features and updates. But as with every good thing, it too has a bad side. It has its own set of problems which has made some people hate it. One such bug that is still prevalent in the Windows operating system is the long path name error.

Almost every user who has Windows operating system installed in his computer must have come across the long path name error at least a dozen times. Sometimes what happens is that some software create files with very long path names. Even after the uninstallation of the software, sometimes the files are left behind. These files take up unnecessary space in your hard disk, and moreover, they make the folders look cluttered and untidy. But they have such long path names that even if you try to delete them, it is not possible. You will get a number of errors like ‘path name too long’ or ‘destination too deep’. You won’t be able to delete them. Then you may try to rename the file but you notice that even this idea is not working and the error keeps showing up. Also, neither can you copy the file or move it somewhere. This becomes really frustrating at times and can make you lose your cool. But worry not. Long Path Tool is here to cure your headache!

The Long Path Tool is a very powerful and popular tool. Even when Windows was not able to provide a possible solution to the long path name errors, computer users felt helpless. But with the release of Long Path Tool in the digital market, we can now relax. This tool really solved the problem. Now it has become possible to delete the files with really long destination names. And not only that, you can view the file too. If it is a very important file and you don’t want to delete it, you can rename it also using this tool and then you can copy it to any destination that you want. All this is only possible with the Long Path Tool. But wait! The list is not over. There is more to this tool than what meets the eye. The long path name is not the only file error experienced in Windows. There are a lot more. Errors like ‘file cannot be opened’ or ‘file is already open’ have haunted the Windows computer users for years literally. But no more. The Long Path Tool is here to punish all the bugs that have been eating up our brains to frustration!

The problem of long path name has been given birth by Windows itself, though purely unknowingly. You cannot open, delete, rename or copy a file or a folder which has a path name longer than 255 characters or more. This fact is the root cause of all the problems. Even the programmers wouldn’t have though that this small rule would cause such a havoc in to the day to day lives of the Windows users. And much to our surprise, Windows has still not succeeded in solving the bug. Or it has just left everything on the shoulders of our file-hero, the Long Path Tool. Literally, it seems like the programmers at Microsoft have left it upon the Long Path Tool to solve this problem while they sip away their coffee lazily. But coming to the tool, it has not disappointed the computer geeks and moreover, it has surprised people with its capabilities and features.

It literally can solve a whole ocean of file and folder problems. It has a fix to every file error that you may encounter. Surprisingly, such an awesome tool takes up not more than even 3 megabytes of space in your computer. It needs to be given an award really. And wait, the surprises are not over yet. Wouldn’t you like to know how much it costs? Would you like to guess? No, don’t even try. Folks, it is free! Yes, free for lifetime. You don’t have to pay anything and can get it for free on its website longpathtool.com. Also, the Long Path Tool is very simplistic in nature and extremely easy to use. It is far better than any other tool out there. So just download it and put an end to all those errors!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6