Long path tool

Long path tool

The long path tool is unique software that will not only delete, rename, unlock as well as copy files, but will also make your work easier while using your pc.  It is a tool specially designed to help computer users to quickly and effortlessly get rid of a trail or error messages in their PCs such as file cannot be copied, specify a different file name, error deleting folder, destination path tool long, the server could not find this item and the installer unable to modify the path among other errors.  In return, this tool enables the windows to accept any length of pathnames up to approximately 32000 characters.

How to use long path tool

The only key to effective utilization of this tool is to download the program online and consider finding one that is compatible with the operating system in use for instance, LPT can work in a number of OSs including vista, XP, windows 7, windows 8 to mention but a few.  It is worth mentioning that after downloading this tool, appropriate destination should be selected for its storage such as a desktop that will lead to quick accessibility when its need arises.

It is user friendly as one only needs to click on its icon on the desktop and a list of filenames will be displayed after which the user selects an option that best suits whatever activity he/she is looking forward to carrying out such as deleting, renaming, opening as well as moving the file without hesitation or worries of windows refusing to access the file due to its long length. One needs not to train in order to use this tool, thus making it the best amongst all.

Did you know that long path tool enables its users to unlock files that were previously locked by other system processes? Well, this is a must have tool, because it will help you manage your personal computer without difficulties.

For one to use this tool effectively, day to day updates are required, but this should not be a worry since its users receive nothing apart from quality services alongside free updates and free support from its developers.  Moreover, its trial version is also available online, which should be upgraded into the premium version after successfully using it after a while. All that is needed is register your email address on this specific site and receive updates as well as any other important news regarding this application instantly.

This is a rare tool that is envied by a number of computer users worldwide and also other software developers.  One unique thing about its usability is the fact that it is equipped with an outstanding search mechanism that enables it to execute a range of tasks regarding helping its user manage his/her folders and files  without leaving anything form of doubts.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that the long path tool is one of the must have tools for computer users. Besides, it’s affordable and easy to use because it caters for everything without leaving any folder in question.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6