Long Path Buster( Long Path Tool )

There is a website that boasts of good features of an application program that takes care of files or folders that are embedded underneath levels of directories and subdirectories.  http://longpathtool.com/  boasts of having a solution to the perennial problem of accessing files or folders that become so deep in the hierarchy of folders that Windows Explorer can no longer reach.  Messages such as “path too long” or “cannot read from source file or disk” are signs that the file being tied to access are far beyond reach of the usual Windows task.  Functions of deleting, renaming, unlocking or copying become impossible because of these hard-to-reach files and folders.  Furthermore, paths that exceeded 200 characters may also become hard to access.

The good feature about this application was enumerated in http://longpathtool.com/.  The site is complete with YouTube videos explaining how the application works.  Moreover, the site was complemented with the usual FAQs and blog tabs for easy reference of the interested public.  The Download button is present for this serves as the means to take hold of the software and this button is in-charge of the “collection” of payment.  Costing about $19 for a download then the application can be transferred to the personal computer of the user to begin the experience of getting rid of long paths.

The website seems legit and all the tabs are functional.  But there is no Testimonial button.  Although it is not mandatory to have one such button but it adds credibility to the product.  Real people expressing their product satisfaction, who can be verified by their valid email addresses, are good source of advertisement and also add awareness of the general public.  Aside from the usual features and video demonstration, there must be an instance where that particular product is used as a necessity rather than a once-in-a-blue-moon functionality.  It is necessary to include such so that the public can somehow relate to the product’s usability.

Take for example, a screwdriver.  Every household owns at least one.  It is not as useful as a spoon and fork does but it is a good relief to have one when a very important and urgent need for such arises.  It is therefore mandatory for the website to list down instances wherein the tool becomes VERY indispensable.  If there is such item in which people can readily identify their own situations where the need for such tool is really necessary, it is not hard to market the application.

Looking further into the website, the entire look is not attractive.  Most people will not even dare to read what is written because it lacks aesthetic sense.  Maybe a need for some User Interface improvement to reach out to probable customers is mandatory.  Remember that it is not only the product that must be appealing to the general ublic but also the way it is packaged and presented.  Advertisement of the product starts on its packaging.

The Long Path Interface

The product is unique and is really promising if the actual need is rightfully established.  With no competitors yet, it may have the potential of being a people’s choice for such necessity.  The product must also be as portable as possible because android OS which is becoming today’s trend, might not accept the application.  The product therefore must be portable enough to run on other platforms so that it will not be left behind by emerging technologies.  More awareness and established necessity are therefore the keys for attaining and generating the most sought-after sales of the long path tool.  The existing website can still generate the leads and the sales but if the suggested revisions are injected it might still be revolutionized until it becomes a real part of everybody’s household.  When that time comes, no more advertisement is necessary because the product may speak for itself and will always occupy a section in the memory of everyone’s PC.

The impressions that were mentioned here are objective and do not contain any bias against the owner.  Constructive criticism helps to improve performance of either products or services and therefore must come from trusted sources.  With no idea of who owns or manages this site, the author apologizes for any offense that it may have caused.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6