Long File Names Are Not Problems Anymore

Long File Names Are Not Problems Anymore

Long Path Tool is very efficient and an overwhelmingly positive software in case one is having problems specifically deleting, unlocking, copying or renaming files with the commonly experienced error of a destination path too long. Such problems are quite common when using the recently updated versions of Windows Explorer or FAR in the management of your data files.

There is, however, a permanent solution to this nuisance in the form of the software mentioned above. Long Path Tool is the only praiseworthy and reputable software in the market for such a task as of recent releases. Usually, when using a file management system, an individual’s data is not stored directly into folders or such; instead it is taken through a maze of different paths throughout the computer which then makes it accessible from multiple locations. But in the process, the file management software tends to make a specific file’s destination path too long, which results in your computer experiencing problems when it has to copy, rename, or even delete the file as it fails to travel the said path in the short command time available.

Long Path Tool not only tends to solve the problems of an unusually long destination path, it also helps resolve issues relating to a filename too long.

It is common to experience problems regarding the access and management of files with a name of more than 255 characters. With the Long Path Tool, this issue has been given prime importance and the software experiences no problems when dealing with it. Other problems including errors of a long file path when deleting or copying a file are just the signs to make sure that one is in great need of this software. Long Path Tool can easily replace Windows Explorer, FAR Manager and numerous other file managing systems due to its compatibility with virtually any operating system, in which are included the latest versions from Microsoft and Apple, while also covering systems as old as “Windows 95”.

Moreover, Long Path Tool is not just a file management system that causes ease with a filename too long or a destination path not map-able, it also helps resolve issues when you see error messages that include the computer not being able to read from a source file or disk, a sharing violation, and the system being unable to delete a particular file or folder. While your usual management system only manages filenames of up to 255 characters, Long Path Tool here can work with a staggering amount of 32000 characters as a file name.

It is not difficult gaining access to the LPT as it is available for download online. Concerning compatibility issues specifically, it is friendly with Microsoft’s Windows 95, 98, Me, Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, the latest Windows 8, the servers’ software including 2000, 2003, 2008 and the Windows Server 2012. With such a huge base available, Long Path Tool is actually the perfect software for people belonging to a computer at any stage. The software allows you to create a shortcut on your desktop for timely access. When one needs to manage a files, all that is required is to click the shortcut icon, which then displays all your files with an exceedingly large name. Here, then in this window, one can easily copy, delete, or rename files that their computer would not let them do otherwise, without the dread of a prompt regarding a long file name or destination. With an easy to use interface, Long Path Tool does not need any special or additional system requirements for its set up and instead, can be downloaded and installed with special ease, which the user also later experiences with first hand usage of the software.

Since there have been many moments when users encounter problems in managing files that are too long, the need to develop a more orderly file managing software was finally felt. The Long Path Tool is definitely must have program that can take care of error messages like path too long and filename is too long. It can even unlock files that are locked by other system processes and can easily even scan your drives for files longer than 255 characters. Other than this, what users prefer is a software free of cost. The Long Path Tool tries to manage this demand as best as it can by offering a free trial version for a limited time. The company also helps you stay up to date with regular emails regarding the latest advancements of their products. People having errors particularly like a destination path too long, manage large files and download mostly through the web will find the Long Path Tool very useful and very suitable in their file management and file error messages resolution. The Long Path Tool is fast, efficient yet simple and innovative.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6