List of Error Messages Long Path Tool Can Fix


It has only been a few days after release, but Long Path Tool has already become very popular among the users. It can successfully access the files with long path name. It is one of the best tools available in the market, providing fixes for long path file name. If you are experiencing problems with long path name, Long Path Tool can provide fix quickly and efficiently. Still, it can become really annoying, if you receive messages like “file name too long” and cannot access the target folders and files. The Long path tool can manage virtually any problem connected with a long pathname. Here we shall be providing a detailed look towards the issues long path tool can fix.

The reasons behind Using Long Path Tool

If the file name is too long, operating system decides that the file cannot be accessed. It cannot even be deleted. In addition, if you want to move or rename the file with long file name, you will not be able to do it unless you take help from long path tool. Usually, operating system will not allow the users to access files having more than 255 characters in name. In such cases, the user had to experience massive problems previously. Right now, long path tool is available to take good care of this particular issue.

Issues Fixed By Long Path Tool

There will be tons of places, where you will discover this program very effective. Various error messages are associated with the long path tool. Here we are showing only the more significant ones. The original list is too large to discuss in a few articles.

  • If you cannot copy a file due to long path name, long path tool can solve the problem quickly.
  • You may have found this error message regularly; “cannot delete file: access is denied”. This particular problem is very often related to long path name. Long path tool needs just a moment to solve this irritating problem.
  • Look at this message. It may seem familiar to you. “Cannot delete file or folder: the file name you specified is not valid or too long”. Use this handy tool to access your target folder and delete whatever you want to.
  • Here is another common error message. “The source or destination file may be in use”. If you receive this message, use long path tool to access the file directly. Then delete, move or rename the folder for improving performance of your system.
  • “The file is in use by another program of user”. It is another error message where you will find this tool very handy.

Check Features before Choosing Any Particular Offer

Before taking any software program, you have to check features of each offer. As each of these has individual function, check out the features and compare it according to your requirement. However, each offer comes up with 30-days money back guarantee.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6