Importance of Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is one of the software which makes it easy for computer user to delete, unlock, rename and manage files with long filenames. One of the main causes of such problem is computer virus. Sometimes, one may be forced to clean up all the files to solve this problem. However, Long Path Tool is the best solution to such problems. This is because you will be in a position to copy or delete a file with a filename which has more than 260 characters. It can also list all the files which are long.

Moreover, the Long Path Tool works in such a way that it will delete all files with long filenames. While one copies files or folders from one storage location to another, the tool will ensure that the files with long filenames are omitted. All the files which have been stored in mapped network drives. Moreover, some of the files will also be deleted after your computer has rebooted. It is also advisable to use this software when the files you would like to rename or deleted are closed. Ensure that your storage locations are not write-protected.

Moreover, the error messages that appear as work on your computer may be as a result of virus, different Operating System or even other software which have been installed on your computer. Moreover, it becomes impossible to access the files and deleting the files also becomes another challenge. For one to solve this, it is recommended that you should download Long Path Tool.

The Long Path Tool has been developed to solve all the problems that are related to file management. Moreover, it has a user interface which makes it easier for an individual to use it. This software handles a filename with 32,000 characters. Moreover, this software can work with any Operating System to ensure that you are not haunted with long filename.

This software can be downloaded online. However, it is recommended that you should download it from a genuine website to ensure that you do not become a victim of scam. Moreover, a number of website scams are sources of computer viruses which interfere with the normal function of your computer. The software also comes with multiple options which will fasten the speed of long filename folder or file search. Moreover, this tool comes with free regular updates to ensure that you problems are solved.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6