I’m running the 7100 build( Windows 7 ), got path too long error

While attempting to copy 302gb from my main storage volume onto a spare 400gb drive (for the purpose of changing to a new RAID array) I’ve come across something that I would expect a Windows 98 OS to give me.

It tells me that a file has TOO LONG of a file name, then provides with two unhelpful options: SKIP or CANCEL

I never had XP give me an issue like this at all, so what gives? And while some specific files did have long file names (such as for songs, etc.) it had 7 issues with folders stating that their name was too long, but in fact they were not since they were titled ’07-06-08′ for the date that I dumped the audio files in them. However, they may have contained FILES with long file names though.

Long Path Tool is THE SOLUTION in this case

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6