If you are experiencing problems with unlocking, deleting, copying or renaming files, check out Long Path Tool

If you are experiencing problems with unlocking, deleting, copying or renaming files on your computer because the filenames are deemed too long by your system then the long path tool is what you will need. These problems are very common and even in newer systems you may still find yourself in the situation where you cannot edit, delete or copy your files. The long path tool was designed so as to help in simplifying filenames that are considered too long by your system.

Uses of the Long path tool

Basically the long path tool will put an end to your problems as it relates to editing or unlocking files with very long filenames. If you have filenames that exceed 255 characters then surely you will be able to relate to seeing error messages that the filenames are too long and so the system will not allow you to make any modifications. The long path tool has been developed with this problem in mind. If you have seen many error messages about “path too long”, “destination path too long” or similar error messages then the long path tool is exactly what you need to end your problems.

This tool will take the place of windows explorer and or any other file managing utilities on your system.  It is also compatible with most operating systems even going as far back as Windows 95.

Additional uses of the long path tool

There are other situations in which the long path tool can prove to be very useful. When you see error messages that tell you that you cannot delete or modify, read file, file name invalid or about a sharing violation you can use the long path tool to get around them. These are just some of the additional instances where the long path tool can be useful and there are many more of them. By using the long path tool you will be able to bypass all these problems and error messages and be able to work without interruption. By using this tool error message such as “filename too long”, “path too long”, error 1320” and similar error messages will be a thing of the past for you. With this tool pathnames of up to 32,000 characters can be handled!

How to use the long path tool

There are three main and simple steps to using this tool. The first one is to download the program online. After you have downloaded you will need to install it. The program is compatible with Most if not all system versions. These include Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and 7. After you have installed the program you can launch it by clicking on the icon in my programs or on your desktop. Anytime you have a file that has a large filename just launch the program and it will bring you to a window that will present you with all your files. You will then be able to edit your files or move them without seeing any annoying error messages about problems. The programs will be able to instantly access all your folders and files and the interface is very simple and straightforward and so anyone will be able to understand and use it. There are no special requirements and using it is pretty easy.

Final thoughts

Since for some time persons have been struggling to get around annoying error messages and problems due to filenames being too long this efficient file managing system was created. No more error messages about path too long. The long path tool can also help in unlocking files that have been locked by system processes and with this tool you can scan your entire drive for all files that are over 255 characters that would cause an error message. Being very simple to use and free to download on the internet makes most users like the long path tool. Too add to that free updates and free support are available for the trial program as well. Those who are not tech savvy are still able to use this program with ease as it is very simple. If you need a permanent solution to managing your files then is the tool for you.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6