If deleting is a problem for you then here is a solution

If deleting is a problem for you then here is a solution

Nowadays anyone has a computer, a laptop or a tablet for personal, work use or both of these. It is almost impossible to not has two or more partitions on your computer. The utility of these partitions is that users can keep in order all the elements they have on the hard drive: documents, photos, movies.

Sometimes users feel the need to delete or move some files or folders from a partition to another, from a computer to an external device or from a computer to another. But when they try to do any of that action the operating system stop the performing of that action. Using a pop up window the operating system sends to the user a message which will contain an error. For instance one of these messages could tell to the user that because the file name is too long the file can’t be deleted.

Windows has created a tool which will help users to solve these errors. It is the Long Path Tool and can be used for any versions of Windows (Windows 95 – Windows Serve 2012).

As you know, and if you don’t know you will find out know, Windows has a limit of characters an internal limit set to 32.000. The Long Path Tool is independent of this limit therefore it is capable to open, copy, delete or rename files and folders on which the operating system hampers the user to apply any action. This tool can be used for files or folders which are located on computers connected with a network.

The Long Path Tool software can be found online. After you download it, it will be better to create a shortcut on desktop or the start bar. The interface of the Long Path Tool helps the users to easily understand the tool’s options. No need for It knowledge or plenty experience with computers. After you double click the icon of the software a window will welcome you. You will be able to see all the files from your computer or from the computers connected by a network. All you have to do is to click and choose the option you couldn’t do( move, delete, copy) before installing the software and just do it. You will conclude that the action has been applied without receiving any messages from the operating system.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6