How Windows users get benefited with Long Path Tool

On any Windows operated computer system Long Path Tool plays a magnificent role in deleting, renaming or unlocking any file, which cannot be done in the normal course. Often users come up with problems where they face difficulty in managing files on their workstation. There are several reasons behind the occurrence of such troublesome situation.

Why a file or folder becomes unmanageable?

Generally, the file or folder that a user tries to manage remains locked by another program. The other program that locks the file or folder need not always be a harmful virus but it can also be essential software installed on your computer. In such situation, you cannot get rid of the software to solve your problem. Here Long Path Tool plays a great role to help you unlock the file and then manage it as required. Sometimes, the problem may also happen because of your operating system. Most of the times, a file that is manageable on a specific operating system cannot be managed on another. Therefore, Windows users often face such problems for such files. As a result of this, Long Path Tool becomes mandatory for Windows operated system users.

How to understand you need Long Path Tool?

So now that you know the utility of Long Path Tool you need to understand exactly when you should buy the software. Windows users generally see some error messages related to renaming, deleting or unlocking a file. These situations show that there is a need for the Long Path Tool. The specific error messages that indicate you should use the Long Path Tool are:

  • Invalid filename
  • Destination or source file in use
  • Unable to read file
  • Too long path
  • File not accessible

These are some of the commonly encountered problems on Windows computer. Under these situations you would require Long Path Tool which would be able to solve your problem in just few minutes.

Characteristics of Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool has many beneficial features in it which enables it to become so popular among the Windows users. Firstly, the tool is having a very simple user interface that makes it easy to use for most people. Secondly, when filename consists of more than 200 characters it cannot be located by Windows but with Long Path Tool the files can be located for filenames with 32,000 characters. Finally, this can be utilized for both home and professional use.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6