How To Use Long Path Tool

Computers these days have common problem in deleting, copying, unlocking and renaming files with a large file name. The system indeed creates such large file name. Long path tool simply ends these problems in a simple way. Such long name problems can even occur with the latest Windows explorer. Simplify these file names by using the long path tool. It can even unlock files that have been locked by other programs. Scans the whole computer and even finds a file with more than 255 characters. This program is a permanent solution to copy, delete and move files with a large name.

How to use:

Long path tool can be used to encounter problems such as error messages that can pop up and tell that the path is too long or cannot delete a specific file with a large name. Use this program to completely get out from such problems. Download the program from online and save the setting on your computer. Program is widely available online from many sources. This program is compatible in Windows NT, XP, 2000, Windows 7 and Vista. Create a new icon for the program on the desktop to access in an easy way. Whenever you find trouble in managing files with long names, you can click the icon from the desktop and the program will direct you to the files. After clicking the icon, you can rename, open, delete or even move the files with long names effortlessly from your computer. Program has a simple user interface with easily accessible options available on it. Any new people to computer can even access the program and is been reasonably built to solve problems. Versatile with the use interface and convenient in deleting, moving and renaming large file names, Long path tool is the best software in the recent times.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6