How to Uninstall Long Path Tool?

Long Path Tool is a software that is used to offer assistance to computer users when they find it difficult to delete, unlock, copy or rename files with long file names. The software simplifies the names of files which are considered to have long file name. Moreover, it is one of the software in the market that is compatible with almost all Operating Systems. Installing Long Path tool is also simple and one does not require any assistance to install it as far as he or she follows all downloading instructions.

However, in case the downloaded software does not meet your needs, is recommended that you should uninstall it to avoid problems. Sometimes, this can be as a result of improper installation. Before you uninstall the program, it is important to know the correct procedure of uninstalling it. There are a number of procedures you can use depending on the type of computer you are using. You can manually uninstall the software by deleting the hidden files together with editing registry. It is also possible to uninstall the software using add or remove applet. Moreover, you can use special video uninstaller to remove the unwanted software. Among all these methods, add or remove pallet is one that is commonly used method used to delete the program. Therefore, one should know how to remove Long Path Tool using add or remove applet.

How to Uninstall Long Path Tool using add/Remove applet

The first step of uninstalling this software using this method is by clicking start button on the task bar after which, you should select control panel. Double click on the add/remove applet then select Long Path Tool from the list of the program which appear on your computer. After selecting the software, click on the remove button to delete the software. The pop up message will appear as click on yes to uninstall. Finally, once the software has been removed, it is advisable that you should restart your computer.

Add/Remove applet is considered as the easiest way of uninstalling the software. Moreover, operating it is not difficult to a number of computer users. However, sometimes, the add/remove applet can fails to deal with the stubborn software. It can go to an extent of leaving traces of such registry entries that have been wasted. These traces can interfere with the normal functioning of the computer. It is, therefore, recommended that you should choose the appropriate method of uninstalling Long Path Tool to avoid such cases.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6