How To Resolve Destination Path Too Long Issue

Do you experience common issues such as “destination path too long” while working on a major task? Perhaps, there are several computer users who are known to experience this problem in general. It never requires a great networking brain to resolve such simple issues. Acting smartly by following few simple steps will let you get away from such errors perfectly. Firstly, you need to understand the exact reasons that why you might experience the problem. One of the common reasons that has been found to be most rampant in most of the cases is the NTFS file getting corrupted because of the symbolic links.

The links are created whenever you delete a file that is no longer required. However, you should not forget that removing the file will not delete the link with it appearing in the symbolic form causing major operating issues. Click on Start button to resolve this issue and then navigate to Control Panel option. By selecting Appearance and Personalization option, you will be directed to Folder Options. You can perform a list of actions there mean for effective maintenance of your multiple folders in an effective manner as per your situational requirements. Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option and then navigate to “Application Data” folder from Windows Explorer.

Now, you need to open the command prompt and then enter the command: mklink /J “Application Data” “c:\ProgramData”. Press enter and get back to the location where you have been originally working. However, you need to consider the best available alternative in case you still unable to experience the best results. Long path tool will be helpful for you in resolving such issue apart from several others offering you higher efficiency levels. Faster downloading of this tool online will let you experience the perfect features as per the diverse requirements you got on an overall.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6