How to delete files with long names?

It’s a great thing when our systems are error free and runs smoothly. nobody wants an error message to pop up in your face every couple of minutes, or every time you try to move or delete a specific file. In our Blog we are going to talk about the ultimate utility for erasing all error messages from our systems once and for good. I have more than 10 years experience in Software and IT knowledge and today  I am going to present to you, LongPathTool. Imagine one day you are downloading a very big sized compressed file from the internet, and how much time is consumed till the download finalizes and BAM!! a very annoying message pops us saying that winrar filename is too long or access is denied or similar. I will not blame you if you took your computer and throw it in the backyard. But I tell you, please Don’t! I’ve got the solution for you. First go to your browser and type  to visit the official website and don’t think too much. simply download a copy of the software down to your system. I am sure you will like what you will get. Long Path Tool is designed to control too long character files which exceeds 256 characters defined by the windows MAX_Path function in its built C++ core language. It elevates that functionality to 32,000 characters for each file as per NTFS system. Whatever your windows version installed on your machine, Long Path Tool will do the job for you. So the answer to the most asked question, How to delete files with long names?  Answer is: LongPathTool.

After you open Long Path Tool, you will be amazed by the simplest GUI you can deal with. It is made for all levels of users, that is the main vision and policy in designing the interface for our software for widespread ability even for teenagers and small children. It is quite easy to select your problem folder and with a single click initiate the scan for all too long filename files and you have a great option to use, you can enter exactly the number of characters you wish to search for. For example, If you wish to search for all types of files-not only too long filenames-you can enter to search for files of equal or greater than >= Zero. the same command is done in the command prompt window. we will discuss the alternating iteration in the near future articles. once Long Path Tool generates your list of too long filename files, it gives you the ability to Move/Rename/Delete/Copy your files with single click ONLY if you decided to purchase your copy of Long Path Tool then you can enjoy the file management tools so I recommend you DO NOT waste too much time. start erasing your error messages TODAY. Long Path Tool is very light software and do not require any specific system requirements and do not consume your CPU power or RAM memory. I also recommend you download your copy from the official website and it is the only secure e-payment environment to get your license for the software and avoid unlocking the tool with any other twisted or pirated ways, to receive the most updates from the server and enjoy full functionality of Long Path Tool. Long Path tool works more efficiently with drives and partitions formatted to NTFS file systems. our hard drives are divided into Disks, disk0 & disk1, etc.. and Disks are divided to partitions. so we could divide it to more than one partition in the same disk and choose the remaining space unallocated to create a recovery partition. most of Long Path Tool fans and users heard about it first time by search engines. when they enter in the search field on google or yahoo or bing, delete long file names utilityfor sure Long Path Tool will yield in the first 3 or 4 search results. the great reviews and testimonials we receive every hour, are the greatest proof on how all the user and customers are satisfied. our support team receive many thank you calls not only users technical enquiries. you can contact the support team via email and they will respond to you in no time. I also recommend NOT to save your long path tool zipped folder on the desktop but to keep it in a secure place especially your license file you will receive by email in a non-root partition to be in the safe side. since i first started using Long path tool and it saved me all my work files worth thousands of dollars. the very modest fee of the software may change your career and keep your smile on your face. so What are you waiting for?!  


Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6