How Long Path Tool resolves issues related to long filenames?

Long path tool is versatile software by which you can resolve all issues related to the long filenames. Some operating systems cannot address files whose names contain more than 255 characters. It is not possible to access, rename, remove, move or copy such files. It will be very annoying when you cannot access the useful data stored in various file formats. In order to address this concern, a group of programmers has resolved to develop software that can effectively eliminate all the drawbacks with relation to the access of files and change of file attributes. The resultant software is ‘Long path tool’. By installing the software on your computer, you can address filenames as long as 32,000 characters.

How to install the software?

Long path tool can be installed easily after downloading the software from the web. You can go for trail version or a premium version. Regardless of the version that you want to subscribe, you can avail the free support and free update of the software.

The software can be installed in various kinds of operating systems including Windows. You can install on Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP, 2000, NT. You can go for legacy versions as well. The unique advantage of the software is that it does not require any special provisions. The user-friendly interface can be managed by even non-technical users as well. As the free trial version is available for download, a number of users have downloaded the same and referred the same to their friends, kin and kith. Thus, it has generated its own publicity in a short span of time. You can go ahead and download and install the same in your computer if you would like to check the performance of the tool.

Effectiveness of the tool

The software is quite effective. You will be able to address long filenames issues without any worries. The greatest advantage is that you will be able to address filenames as large as 32,000 characters. After installing the software, you can create an icon on the desktop for easy access. You can open the tool and you can deal with all files whose names are very long. The software has the capability to open all kinds of files and folders. It has no limitations. Hence, as you access the files in the tool, you can rename files, delete files, move files and copy files. You can also be able to unlock a file which was not possible earlier.

Thus, you will be able to overcome issues associated with long file names by installing the software, ‘Long path tool’. You will be able to access files from the tool’s interface instead of the standard windows explorer or Far manager. The software comes with easy interface so that non-technical people can also follow the same without any issues. If you want to taste the waters, you can go for the free version. There are number of satisfied users who are publicizing the product for others.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6