How long path tool helps to solve problems that involve long file names

Not long ago, people used to experience all kinds of problems when dealing with files that had long file names. This has since been solved, thanks to the emergence of the long path tool software. This software is awesome in that it is designed to solve almost all issues that arise from file management. This software knows how to search for files that contain greater than two hundred and fifty five characters in their name. It also provides a number of options on how to manage them. This software can be used on every computer, regardless of the operating system you use as it is compatible with all operating systems. It is also easy to use and it does not require much expertise for one to employ it in his or her file management. The long path tool is designed to make the amount of time one spends on his or her computer less frustrating.

Before the existence of this program, people used to encounter all sorts of problems when dealing with files that contained over 255 characters. Many were the times when these files could neither be accessed nor renamed. With this software, all those problems are long gone and all you have to do nowadays is click your mouse and access all the problematic files. The long path tool enables you to open the problematic files and rename or even delete them. The software has the ability to access path names that are as long as 32,000 characters.
The software can be downloaded directly from the site and installed thereon. This saves a lot of time and complications that come with software installation. An icon of the long path tool is placed on your computer once the installation is complete and you can access this software by clicking this icon.
The designers of long path tool made a point in ensuring that this software can be used to offer lifetime services to customers. They send emails to customers to keep them posted on the new developments of the software so that they update. The long path tool is one of the leading file management systems that are available today. By resolving the errors that you encounter when dealing with long file names, the software will make files download and access easier. This software is very simplistic but very powerful and very convenient in file management.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6