How long path tool can help you?

The Long path tool is meant for people dealing with files that come with long names and paths to folders which are beyond the intended capacity of the computer. The operating system will manage the file creation and management process. While working on computers you might have come across error messages like, ‘file not found’, ‘path too long’, ‘Unable to find the file’ and ‘cannot delete file: access is denied’. These are typical file related errors. Even though the files are present in your computer or other storage media, you will not be able to access them when the length of file name is very long.

How to overcome long filename factor?

In order to overcome long filename factor, the long path tool was designed by a team of professionals. It is a simple application which will not eat the resources of your computer. You can download the application from the web and it can be installed instantly. As soon as the application is installed, it will open up and you can find all the files and folders that are present in your computer. You can change the properties of files right away. Even if files are mapped to a network drive, you will be able to change the properties of files.

Overcoming all odds

Thus, you can overcome all the odds that you face while dealing with filenames and path to files. The application will search for long path files automatically and the search will finish in few seconds. All kinds of Windows versions support the application starting from Windows 2000, NT and XP to Windows 8. If there are files which are locked by the system, you will gain access to them so that you can delete them as well. The tool should be used by individuals who have a minimum working knowledge about the computer so that useful files that are required for the operation  of the computer will not be tinkered.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6