How good is a long path tool?

The Long path tool is a very convenient application which helps you work on the computer without any interruption. There are instances when working with a computer that you will face file or folder related errors. Such kinds of errors can be eliminated if you deploy the long path tool. After deploying the tool in your computer, there will not be any errors that are related to files. You will be able to edit file name or file path without any difficulty. You will no more want to delete a file but you will be able to use the file as per your requirements.

Beyond 255 characters

If your computer cannot process the 255 character limit on filenames, you will overcome the difficulty through the long path tool. The Long path tool has the capability to unlock a file. This privilege cannot be enjoyed through Windows Explorer. You will get access to any file that is stored in your computer. It is possible to copy or move files from your computing device to other storage devices. The 255 character limit is enhanced to 32000 character limit.

Available in wide range of operating systems

The long path tool is available in a wide range of operating systems including Windows NT, XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. It can be downloaded from the web and can be installed on your computer quite easily. It is easy to use the tool. You can launch the application with a double click on the icon (when the icon is made available on the desktop). As soon as the application is opened, it lists all the files that are stored in your computer. You can perform all kinds of operations like rename, move and copy from the easy to use interface. Thus, the long path tool is helpful to manage files in your system in an effective way.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6