Have you seen these errors before?

‘Cannot delete Folder: It’s being used by another person or program. ’ even though it’s not!

‘The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder.’

‘Error copying file to destination Folder.’

If you’re a frequent Windows user you may have encountered one of these really irritating errors at least three times in your Windows lifetime. So how do you get these errors out of the way? It’s really easy! Just get yourself the Long Path Tool.

What is it?

The Long Path Tool is the simplest or only the best tool you could use to delete, unlock, copy, re-name ‘path too long folders and files’. The Long Path Tool is a more efficient and systematic file management software than the ordinary Windows Explorer, FAR file or other file management utility tools out on the market, with an upper hand on being intuitive and very easy to use.

And the Long Path Tool benefits…?

If your computer burps out a ‘Destination path too long,’ or ‘Windows Delete Path too long’ or even this ‘file could not be accessed’, it’s simply because your Windows Explorer or FAR is finding problems copying, deleting or renaming the path name because it’s longer than 256 characters – sometimes the file directory is just not recognized hence the need for a third party utility tool.  The Long Path Tool effectively handles pathnames way beyond the 256 mark providing up to 32,000 characters up to Windows’ internal limit

Other benefits this tool provides include; a user friendly user interface with maximum functionality, fast search speeds for long path file or folder searches, The Long Path Tool requires no special system requirements for Windows Operating System versions NT, 2000, XP, Win7 or Win8, it easily deletes system locked files from your computer, also removes/deletes files from network mapped folders, and in the event that this pops up;

it can close the programs that’s using it.

These benefits only prove that this program is robust and addresses the simple looking but very complex issues a user may face while working off their Windows system.

So how can you get and use this Long Path Tool?

All you have to do is have the program handy by downloading it for free at http://longpathtool.com/downloads . The second step is to install Long Path Tool to your computer system and you’ll be all set; pretty easy, right?

So every time you have an issue handling files with long file names or would like to view such files saved up in your computer all you have to do is; click on the Long Path Tool icon and you’ll be instantly redirected to a window with all your files. In this window you can move, open, rename, and delete your files and folders without feeling the pinch of an error doing so.

So what else does the Long Path Tool have to offer?

With the Long Path Tool fully installed and functional on your machine, you’ll definitely kiss some of these guys goodbye; ‘Cannot read from Source File or Disk’, you’ll hardly see this guy; ‘There has been a Sharing Violation’ and you’ll definitely not see these guys – ‘Cannot Delete File or Folder,  the Filename you specified is not valid or too long’.

So is the Long Path Tool for you?

The Long Path Tool presents a long list of solutions to the nerve wrecking errors we face as decent Windows citizens and makes resolving them seem like a stroll in the park. For more devout users of the Windows systems this tool will save you time and energy searching through directories manually for a solution to your long path file problems.

We have made this all too easy for both highly technical users and the basic user to make life a lot easier when such errors do occur. Our support team provides all round support to ensure that this software is as easy to use as possible and actually meets your needs at support@longpathtool.com  for any questions regarding this product, purchasing, licensing or any other queries, we will be very happy to support. We also have an effective blog community for those that don’t mind getting their hands into work of asking the right questions; just blog it out at – blog .

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6