Handling the error of “cannot delete file or folder”

Usually, you may not be able to delete a file or folder from a system. There are several causes that may lead to you receiving the error message “cannot delete file or folder”. One reason why you may not be able to delete a file or folder is usually due to permission factors. Also, when a file is in use, you may not be able to perform this command on it.
There are however some more serious causes of such an error message. Such instances as file corruption may need concerted efforts to resolve. When you have a problem deleting the folder because its path contains more than the required number of characters, you will need a different approach. You might try the renaming and relocation advice but these are not known to be 100% effective.
This shows that you need to do your homework right so that you can then access a means of better manipulating your folders in a reliable way. The good news is that there is software; Long Path Tool which you can use to handle this problem with fair ease. This is a tool that will easily confront the problem you face of a folder path that has characters in excess of the 255 mark. With the Long Path Tool, you get the advantage of software which has the ability to work with any path length; actually even reaching the 32,000 mark. This shows you that you have proper; more reliable control of the folders you have in your system.

With the Long Path Tool, you will not be confronted with the error message of “cannot delete file or folder”. Moreover, when you use this software, you will be very much capable of having better manipulation of your files in terms of viewing, editing or even deletion. You should have an easier way to handle all those folders and files with a path name in excess of 255 characters. The stubborn ones that you cannot delete due to corruption will also be easily handled.
You need to delete those files you do not need. First of all, this deletion will give you more space for storage location. You will also enhance the speed of your system when you have unnecessary files removed. However, you need to bear in mind the fact that having such folders that you cannot delete might be dangerous for your system; especially if they are corrupted. When you use Long Path Tool, you will be able to rid your system of all those unnecessary folders.
The greatest feature that many people give as the strength of using this tool is that of the fact that the interface of this software is really easy to use. You do not need to have complex systems to be able to run it in your computer. By simply downloading it, you have an easy time of merely deleting the files as you wish. When you open the software, you need to scroll to the folder you wish to delete and choose the necessary command; it is that simple.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6