Handling “copy long path files” error

You might need to copy some files or folders into given locations once in a while. However, you may not be able to achieve this due to the problems that exist with the workings of the OS. In Windows, issues of path length may really be a problem for you if you receive error messages such as “copy long path files”. This is because the path of the folder or file you are trying to copy may be longer than the capacity of Windows of 255 characters. This can of course be a real inconvenience.
There are a number of actions that people try to do to be able to handle such files. They may start by shortening the file names. Some people use file compression programs in a bid to solve this problem. However, these strategies may not work always. There is a need to have a lot of reliability in the way that you handle those files whose paths exceed the systems limit. This then means that you would need a program like Long Path Tool. This is software that has been made with the intention of giving you maximum control of the files in your system. You will not have to tolerate the error messages that ruin your work and prevent you from performing a number of actions.
The Long Path Tools simplifies the problem so that you can manipulate all the files in whatever way you need. Actually, you will not only have the advantage of copying files, you will be able to delete, rename and even move all those files you were not able to perform these functions on. Actually, Long Path Tool has the ability of handling the files or folders whose paths are as long as 32,000 in characters. This shows you just how much you will be capable of using your files in whatever way you please.
A lot of people ask about the ease of use of Long Path Tool. They would like to know the challenges to expect with this software. They might as well know that this is software that has been made with the needs of the end user given top notch regard. You can easily download the program onto your computer and you are good to go. By launching the given program, you will quickly be shown all the files that have a long path name. The best part is that you can use whatever command you wish with each of the files you were targeting. Actually, you will be able to copy the file that gave the error message without much fuss.

Long Path Tool is a program that you can rely on to give you the satisfaction you want out of control of all your files. You will be able to carry on with all your duties concerning files with long paths without any trouble. Coupled with its easy user interface, this is a program that will make life a lot easier for you especially as concerns the challenges faced with your OS.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6