Get rid of unwanted files quickly

Get rid of unwanted files quickly

If you have problems with managing the files and the folders from your computer than the problem might be the long names of the files or folders you want to manage or the long path of these items. When referring to problems we mean the impossibility of deleting, copying, moving or simple renaming a file or a folder. What does it really happens? Windows has a limit of characters. This limit is set to 32.000 of characters. When the limit is exceeded, Windows will activate the error reporting function. This function will send to the user messages with the help of a pop up window. In these messages the user will receive a warning and an sometimes an advice of what he/she should do. For instance, users might receive messages like “Destination path too long”, “Cannot delete the file. Access is denied”, “The source of destination file may be in use” and the examples could continue.

Users won’t be allowed to rename, move, copy or delete the files before and after receiving these messages because Windows cannot manage the files names and paths. For eliminating this problem it has been developed the Long Path Tool software. This software is able to ignore the 32.000 characters limit of Windows. Because it can do that user which use this software will be able to manage the files with long paths and names however they desire.

The software is compatible to almost all versions of Windows. It is easy to use because it has concise functions. It is available online. Also, the developer provides online support for the costumers. The program is able to search and find very fast all the files and folders from computer. It is a very useful tool for managing problematic files from computers connected by a network. In this situation it is about plenty of files which cannot be managed fast an easy using a manual method. But this software is able to find them quickly.

After the program has been installed it must be opened and it will do a fast scan of all files and folders. Users must search on the window of the program the files they could not manage before installing the Long Path Tool. After that all they have to do is to apply the desired action: delete, rename, move, copy, rename.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6