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It is characteristic of your computer system to develop problems while you are at work and then you need to get a download from the so as to put a complete check to your problems. You may procrastinate, but the most irritating fact as has been found in almost most systems world wide is the sudden refusal of your system to effectively function. This has often been the case with files that have characters of more than 255 and you encounter a box that states that such a file is not accessible, or cannot be deleted or that it could not be found. What do you do under such a circumstance? You download the very effective program from the and then save it all in your desktop as an icon.

Making the long process quite short

The problems encountered by your system can be of several types and this may occur in Window Explorer, Window 2000, Vista, Windows XP or Window 7. In fact even in the latest version you may develop such a snag in smoothness of operation and the box appearing on your screen suddenly stating a problem. What are the usual problems you may face?

You may face numerous problems from a simple statement that the path to a file is too long or there is an error copying a file. You need to get into action quite fast or your system may be losing your time and in turn your money. This is the reason why many people with PC at home or a system at their office download the powerful program that is instantly available when you visit You will never be disappointed, but would be happy at the smooth operation of your system.

Is the Destination path too long?

It is sometimes seen that the most irritating response from a computer system that you can get is when the system suddenly keeps bringing out a message box just when you have a deadline to finish a task. One of the advantages of getting either a free trial version is that you can check it out without any hassles. The first step for you to do is to go to and get the program.

There are several problems that a system may encounter and this may be not being able to find the source or destination of the file, error stating that path is deep, the path to the file cannot be found or that file name is not valid or that the file or folder could not be accessed. Then there can be errors of copying a file or a folder or a statement that the file cannot be removed and many others. All these can be set aside permanently with your download version from

The free version is sure to hook you on to the paid version and not only that you can get updates all through your life without paying anything extra. If you have any doubts then log on to in the Google.

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