Functions performed by the Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool

This is one of the must have computer softwares that is compatible with most of the operating systems such as the Windows 2003, Windows 2005, Windows 8, Windows server 2008 among many others. Sometimes it may be annoying when you want to rename or delete a particular file in your computer and then you receive an error message informing you that the file name is too long or the process cannot be completed. This is the instance where Long Path Tool comes in handy. There are many purposes that are carried out by this software, but for now, let’s discuss how it can be installed in your computer.

There are many problems that arise from the use of the Windows explorer that make the use of the computer uncomfortable especially when the error messages keep popping up. You need not worry any more since this is the best software that you can use to get rid of all of these problems in your computer system. This software is easy to use and even to the users that are not computer geeks. It is usually downloaded online and the fact that it is compatible with most of the operating systems makes it the best software to use in case of file problems. Just like some of the other computer programs, Long Path Tool is usually offered in a free trial version that the users can use to test and get to see its functionality. Millions of computer users all over the world have downloaded the free version and are impressed by the way it functions on their computers. This software is usually used to manage any types of files in the computers. Once the software has been downloaded, it is advised that you also include its icon on the desktop so that you can always access it with ease. The software program is usually run on the computer so that it can be properly installed on the computer system.

How it works

Once it has been downloaded on the computer, you can always rename or delete any type of file with a single click. By clicking on the desktop icon, it will display all the files in your computer and you can choose the one that you want to rename. The software usually accesses all the files in the computer very fast so that you can carry out any procedures that you need. This is a software that does not need any special features so that it can perform.

Functions performed by the Long Path Tool.

As we stated earlier, this is one of the must have computer programs. It is easy to download and install in the computer system which is a plus for most of the computer users. Well, there are many important functions that are carried out by this software and we are going to discuss some of them.

  • Deleting files from the computer systems- Sometimes you may encounter errors when trying to delete files from the computer system. The Long Path Tool is established to eliminate such errors. This is usually in the case where the file name exceeds 256 characters or the file is being used by another program on the computer.
  • Copying file names- Users always copy their files from one location to the other and it is quite common to get the error messages occasionally especially if the file name is more than 256 characters. With LPT, you can be able to copy files up to 32000 characters.
  • Renaming of files- Users have the right to change the name of the files in their computer systems to whatever number of characters they like. Most of the computer systems require that the files be of names which are less of the 256 character limit. With this amazing software, you can be able to name files up to 32000.
  • Deletion of the files that are system locked- It is usually a cumbersome process especially for a user that is not conversant with the system locked files. This software can easily delete such files for you without having to go through lots of procedures.
  • Listing of long files on the system- In most of the computers without the Long Path Tool, the files which have names longer than 200 characters are never listed when you require them to be. You can always view such files when you have this software on your computer.
  • Reading the computer disk- Sometimes you may want to get the information from the source file and you get an error message informing you that it is impossible. With the use of the LTP, you can be able to easily access all the information that is stored in the main computer storage location and the source file.

One of the main advantage of the Long Path Tool in comparison with the other softwares is that it is cheap to download. You can always use the trial version before you can download the whole program. It is easy to use on the computer and does not lag the system.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6