folder with too long paths

Being a Windows OS user, you might have come a crossed several popup messages while deleting any folder or file. These messages come rarely and user don’t know the solution to resolve issues while deleting, moving or renaming a file or folder with too long paths.

Too Long Path as the name shows is a long address for a folder to handle and it generates exception errors. These exceptions can be controlled with the help of exception handlers. Relax! Take a deep breath and just click on the download button and see the magic.

Go to your browser and write the URL as, here you will see a download button. Download it and Install in your PC.

Delete A Folder With Too Long Path:

Woah! The solution is here. When you are done with download, come to desktop and click on the downloaded file. Now select the folder which you want to remove and see the folder is no more.

Move A Folder With Long Path Tool:

With Long path tool, you are able to move a folder from one location within your PC to another. Again, click the downloaded long path tool error fixer folder and select the desired folder. Now RIGHT CLICK on the folder and select “Move” and you are done.

Rename A Folder With Long Path Tool:

With Long path tool, you can rename a folder with too long name. But the question is: Why to rename a folder with long name?

The answer to it is much simple. Any folder with more than 255 characters with generate too long destination error message. To resolve this error, we rename the folder with a short name. By renaming, we can also delete and move a folder/file to another location easily.

Long Path Tool Error Fixer Benefits:

We feel really happy to serve you in the best possible ways. We want to hear from you about our program of long path tool error fixer. It provides you several benefits including:

  • The files/folders once removed will never generate too long path popup messages again.
  • It is a user friendly tool and can perform its functioning in both old and new computers.
  • Moreover, it is less time consuming and free of cost.

In short, just in one click you can download the tool with zero cost. So why to wait? Click on it and enjoy.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6