Fixing Long Path File Error with the Long Path Tool- Short Review of the Offers Available

The Long path tool is an affordable and highly proficient solution for deleting, copying or renaming any file with the long path file issue. Normally, Windows do not allow the users to manage the files having names over 255 characters. The matter of utmost importance is that the long path tool can delete, copy or rename any file with name up to 32,000 characters. For this reason, the long path tool can efficiently handle the dealing with files with long path name. The long path tool comes up with three different options. The Home license is available for the non-business or personal usage. If you need to use the software for commercial purposes, the business license would be perfect for the users. In addition to that, there is another option available for the users and it is a business pro license designed for professional grade, heavy duty, bulk work processing with supreme accuracy. Let us review the offers.

The home license of the long path tool comes up at a price of $44.00. The user will be able to scan the files with long path name effortlessly while using this particular package. Furthermore, it also enables the user to delete the long path file. If the user wants to copy or move the files with long path name, this particular also allows the users to perform it. It has been featured with automatic bulk renaming of the files with long path name as well. However, it comes up with free updates for 2 years when the business license users will enjoy the free updates for 3 years.

The business license is capable of delivering all of the features of home license. In addition to the free updates for 3 years, it also provides the preservation of the file’s attributes. Moreover, the user will be able to enjoy the email support. In a pretty simple look, the email support may seem to be at a little bit slower side. Nonetheless, the e-mail service of long path tool developers is super-fast. The developer team will contact you shortly after sending your query. In addition to the email support, it also delivers the standard phone call support as well as online chat. It will cost $117.

The business pro license will deliver all the features of the home as well as the business license. However, the business pro license additionally offers a command line version. In addition, it also allows the user to set whether they want to change the file ownership as well as ACLs. Being coming up with a price tag of $197.0, this particular is certainly worth the money.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6