Fixing Up File Pathname Too Long Error and Copy the Files to Cloud

Being continuously updated for around ten years, the long path tool version 5.1.6 is completely flawless and up-to-date. Starting its journey from 2007, it watched the ups and downs of several operating systems. In according to the requirements of different file management systems of different operating systems, the highly proficient developers of Long Path Tool keep modifying the software to make it up-to-date and more user friendly. Furthermore, the users can now be able to copy the files with long path name to one drive as well as drop box directly within the software window. It is supporting the Powershell as well, which is a powerful scripting platform for Windows.

At the very first look the message box of file pathname too long may seem a lot more than just overwhelming. It may seem as a bug of the operating system as well. Just put yourself in the position of a user who does not know about the long path name policy of Windows. Windows will not support any management of files having a path name more than 255 characters. To manage these files, the users have to take help from the well-written and perfectly poised algorithm of the long path tool. For the kind information of the non-tech readers, the algorithm means a set of rules defining the characteristic as well as the function of a software and it does mean the software is a set of rule designed in such way that can perform the asked function.

However, for removing, copying or renaming files with long path name, the long path tool supports actually up to 32,000 characters. In addition to all of these, the software is very easy to use. The user can be able to use the software with a basic file management knowledge. All of the key tools for copying, renaming or removing the files are located at the bottom.

For using the cloud based directly within the software, the user needs to choose the file with long path name at first. After that, the user needs to copy the files to any cloud based storage service, including the one drive as well as a drop box. This easy to use software can perform the best if it can be run as admin. In such way, it will be able to perform a thorough research through the system. Moreover, the user interface has been featured with a few buttons and that is why, there is no reason for a non-tech user to get confused.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6