Fix your error messages with Long Path Tool

Frustrated and tired of error messages like “Cannot delete File – Access Denied” or “Cannot remove file or Folder” etc.?

Well, don’t be upset. Here you will get an amazing tool i.e. Long Path Tool that will end up your problem in just few clicks.

Long Path Tool will help you renaming, managing and unlocking files that have long file name. Also if you encountered problems like – too long path, cannot delete file, destination path too long, path too long etc. then this is the best tool for you.

This has completely take place of FAR Manager, Windows Explorer and other managing utilities as it can be used in any operating system also with the earliest version Windows 95.

This is a simple tool that will solve your problem and now such error messages will not haunt you again because this tool will eliminate your entire managing problems and will provide you a sleek interface to work. Also it can handle pathnames of any length, up to internal character limit of 32000.

What else it can do?

Now have a look on what else this tool can do. Here are some of its features:

  • It is an easy, simple and fast tool that provides variety of options.
  • It easily traces the file having long internal character limit.
  • It can unlock the locked files and can also delete the system locked files.
  • It is compatible with all windows version.

Windows FAR and Windows Explorer generally fail to rename, delete or copy a pathname exceeding the internal limit of 256 characters and quickly shows error message “Path too long”. But this tool can handle pathnames up to the internal character limit of 32000.

How to use it?

To use it, first download it from internet and save the settings in your computer. This is completely compatible with Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows 7 and also with Windows Vista. For an easy access, you can create an icon for this on your desktop and it will be ready for you. Every time you want to manage any file with long file names, all you have to do is just click on that icon and it will direct you to new window that have list of all the files. Here you can easily delete, open, rename your file without any concerns of error messages like “Cannot read from source file or disk”, “cannot delete file or folder”, or any other file managing errors that you face earlier.

Best Part of this tool

The best past of using this tool is, it does not require any system requirements for set up and you can download it easily and quickly. This will quickly access your folders and files. Also it provides a convenient interface that anyone can understand.

There are too many examples of the errors that users encountered while managing long files but this has fulfilled the requirement of efficient and systematic file managing software. It is definitely a best long path utility tool that can easily take care of frustrating error messages like “file name will be too long for destination folder” and “path too long”. Also it can be used to unlock the files and at the same time can scan the file having character limit more than 255 characters.

This is an efficient, fast and simple software that can be downloaded by anyone very easily even by a non-technical person. The software is easily available online with its free updated versions. It is so versatile and effective that many people like to recommend it to their friends also after its use.

So, if you want a permanent solution of managing files, this software will definitely provide you a convenient program and will definitely save your precious time that you can utilize in other productive work.

People who usually download long data through web and manage long files find this tool very convenient and useful in shortening error messages resolution.

Hence in difficult situation when you have experienced such sort of problems, you will be definitely looking for software that can easily get you out of all such situations. Long Path Tool is the best option that can handle all sorts of file managing errors easily.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6