Files copy software

Files copy software aka Long Path Tool can be downloaded from our official site. This is a versatile tool to perform file related operations without any difficulty. If you have trouble in opening a file or trouble of copying or renaming of a file, you should go through special software so that all those issues can be overcome in an effortless manner. When you are maintaining files that are very much required in your day to day life, you should not face any difficulty in the retrieval process. If you are not able to access files where important information associated with customers is located, you can go for files copy software, long path tool.

The software is prepared by a team of programmers who had gone through all kinds of issues pertaining to file and folder operations. By working with the software, you will be able to access all files that are present on the hard disk. If you attach a memory module to the computer, the files present in the module will be listed through the long path tool. It will also list files that are present in other networks. You can open files that are hidden and with various kinds of restrictive privileges.

After deploying the files copy software in your system, you will be able to copy files from one folder to another folder without any difficulty. There will not be error messages like, ‘unable to find filename’, ‘unknown file path’ and ‘error copying files’. The software is designed to access all kinds of files whose name is less than 32000 characters. The filename length will be 255 characters. Even though you will go beyond the normal levels of 255 characters, you will be able to access those files in an effortless manner. You will not get any error messages after using the file copy software, long path tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6