filenames with multiple characters

Users usually face a number of error messages such as ‘path too long’; ‘specified file name is too long or invalid’ and ‘file cannot be copied’. A user facing any such problem and seeking a solution has the ‘Long Path Tool’ as the right thing. It has been seen that Windows Explorer usually fails in copying file path/names exceeding 256 characters. Such problems can easily be resolved by using this tool and it also deals with path names having unlimited characters. It is a tedious job to seek solutions to such problems and much more difficult to execute it and understand it. Also, market software is highly expensive for general users. This is the point where the significance of the Long Path Tool comes into action.

About the Tool

It has already been stated that the latest Windows Explorer has also failed to deal with files having a long path or long filename. Thus, Long Path Tool plays a significant role here. It helps the users in copying, renaming, deleting and performing other operations accurately on these files even without using a short path. It is an all-in-one tool which acts as the personal file manager and a mandatory tool in each machine to deal with each error message associated with ‘cannot delete file’ and ‘destination path too long’. It is also capable of deleting system locked files along with files from the mapped network folders. This tool can also be used for listing the folders and files having a long filenameor long path and comprising of more than 200 characters. It is also capable of closing applications making use of such files. It also scans the files at a quick pace minimizing the waiting time.

The best thing about this tool is that supports all the Operating Systems including the oldest Windows 95 version requiring no special system requirements. Thus, it is recommended to download this tool for enhancing the file managing experience on one’s personal machine.

Easy to Use

Another good feature of the Long Path Tool is its user friendly concept. This tool has a compact size sufficient for providing the user with simple interfaces having multiple and meaningful options. The tool can be used by downloading the program from the Internet which is quite a hassle-free process due to its smaller size. It has been stated before that this tool is highly compatible with every Windows Operating Systems.

To make access a simple process, one can create desktop icons on which the tool can be launched with just a click. In order to access files with long filenameand long path or without a short path, one needs to click on this icon and then have the tool launched for listing all the files. The next step is to simply move, rename, delete or carry out a number of operations on this file without the tension of any error. The tool accesses all the folders and files instantly and scanning is also done really fast. Simple interface of the tool and multiple options enhances the tool’s user-friendliness making it a boon for its users.

Other Errors

The tool has proved its utility with respect to other forms of error messages also. The tool also handles situations like sharing of violation, failure to have the folders or files deleted; invalid specified file names; failure to read from the disk or the source or destination file being used and other violations are dealt with effectively. It is also used for solving different managerial problems linked with management of files. It has a simple interface providing solutions to multiple error messages. Messages having issues like longer file name and long specified path would never revisit the user’s screen. With the help of this tool, users can handle the filenames with multiple characters and name the files without determining any short path.


There was a critical shortfall of efficient software for managing files that could resolve all the user problems associated with management of files having large names. Users have largely been relieved after the evolution of ‘Long Path Tool’ within the market. Its best feature is that its users get free support and updates along with the free trial. Users can also create an account and sign up to get email updates on the website. The tool has a free version which has brought happiness to the users. Thus, users have largely recommended this tool to other users also.

It is quite easy to download the ‘Long Path Tool’; it is user friendly and has multiple options for the users. It is an all-in-one and a mandatory tool to deal with error messages. It is freely used on multiple machines having low system requirements and supported Operating Systems. Therefore, every individual using file browsers should download the tool and use it in the long-run.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6