filenames having more than 255 characters

The Long path tool is one of a kind, one-stop solution ideal for your home or commercial usage to delete, rename or copy files with long path name. It could have been very disgusting if you would not be able to modify a file. Think of a file in your desktop what you are not capable of moving because it has a long path name. How disturbing would it be? Actually, Windows will not let the users modify filenames having more than 255 characters. However, Long Path Tool provides an affordable solution for the users and it supports up to 32,000 characters. However, here in this paper, we are going to discuss a few topics which you may frequently need to know about this handy tool.

tool to fix filename too long error
tool to fix filename too long error

Let us look at the safety issue at first. Using the long path tool is completely safe. It has been tested over fifty antivirus and it has been tested for bugs as well. No bugs have ever been found in this software. In addition, after uninstallation, it will not leave any file in the system that might have caused problems. This highly capable software is able to copy more than one folder at the same time. In addition, it is capable of delivering bulk renaming of the folders with long path names.

Moreover, this handy, yet affordable tool is capable of changing the file attributes of the hidden as well as system files. In addition to that, the users will be able to upload the long path files to Dropbox using the long path tool.

In accession, it delivers excellent compatibility. Along with Windows, it is also compatible with Linux and Mac. If you have a zip file with long file name, this software can handle the modification. All you have to do is just to select the zip file, the rest will be done by the Long Path Tool. A wide range of errors might have been created as a result of long path file name. All of those error messages related to long path file name could be solved at ease while using the long path tool. This affordable solution comes up with three different paid packages. In addition, there is a free trial option available for the users that you may check out for getting a taste. To purchase a paid version is highly recommended whether you are a home or commercial user, as files with long path name will keep coming into the system for multiple unavoidable reasons.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6